Which type of garden candle suits you?

An absolute must-have for anyone with a terrace or (urban) garden: a cute garden bowl. For you a stately one, with extra-large flame or rather small and cute?

Whichever garden bowl you choose, it will always give you and your guests a warm welcome.

1. Minimalistic

This white one with black filling is the youngest garden bowl in the Spaas family. With a height of 8 cm and a diameter of about 14 centimetres, this is rather a compact model. The perfect garden bowl for those who like modern and minimalist.

2. Majestic

The 'Royal flame' from Spaas is the queen of garden dishes. Thanks to its special blade, it can easily withstand a strong gust of wind. Once burnt out, use it as a collection bowl under flower pots.

Fancy a playful twist? Then place it on a pedestal. You can find Spaas' special pedestal for garden dishes in most garden centres.

3. Adventurous

We go out into nature and take camping gear, marshmallows and citronella candles with us. We have them in three sizes so it's entirely up to you which size and burn time you go for (15 cm - 6 hours, 18 cm - 9 hours or 23 cm - 13 hours).

The smallest size is the undisputed favourite with adventurers to light up your campsite at night.

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