When the sun slips below the horizon, the candles flicker to life. A whole bunch of candles, in fact, especially on the evening that the new Spaas campaign images were photographed.

Three unique tables with a touch of summer

Summer is all about delicious barbecues, late evenings, lots of laughter, and delicious drinks. And cosy candlelight to top it all off. Discover our fresh summer tables in three completely different styles. Which style do you like the most?

Keep the mosquitoes away

Muggy summer evening and mosquitoes—unfortunately, they go hand-in-hand. Our fragrant citronella candles are an excellent option for reconciling functionality and ambience. Away with those annoying little creatures!

A trendy High Tea Party

Fun table decorations for a High Tea Party? Read on to find out how the blog event in Hoeilaart went and all about the latest trends.


Jean-Marie ran away with the candles!

At Spaas, we take our prizes seriously. Here, you don't just win any old candle… or a packet of candles… At Spaas, you win your weight in candles!