When the sun slips below the horizon, the candles flicker to life. A whole bunch of candles, in fact, especially on the evening that the new Spaas campaign images were photographed.

Say it with a candle

Are you familiar with our white, matte glasses? Combine these yourself with different glasses of your choice to create a beautiful message. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started.

Complete relaxation with the right scent

Scents not only stimulate our minds and spirits; they can also create a feeling of incredible relaxation. Add ‘me time’ to your to-do list today.

A home filled with scented candles

Discover five tips from perfume doctor Sofie Albrecht and furnish your home to perfection with the right scent in the right rooms.


The favourite candle of Ben Spaas

We want to acquaint the Spaas fans with the people behind our candles on a monthly basis. What better way to do this than with a candle?

Meet Ben Spaas and discover his favourite candle: