When the sun slips below the horizon, the candles flicker to life. A whole bunch of candles, in fact, especially on the evening that the new Spaas campaign images were photographed.

Combine white into your interior this automn

Use white in your autumn interior to make it look sleek and minimalistic. Combine warm materials and other colours to create a cosy autumn unity.

Complete relaxation with the right scent

Scents not only stimulate our minds and spirits; they can also create a feeling of incredible relaxation. Add ‘me time’ to your to-do list today.

A spooktacular Halloween

Carve your pumpkin, pick the right colours, and complete the scene by bobbing for apples.


Spaas goes on a holiday

Spaas takes a break during the summer months. Spaas will go on leave for three weeks starting Monday, July 15th. This also means it will be a bit more difficult to reach us:

  • The webshop will be closed, which means that incoming orders are processed later;
  • Our factory shop in Hamont is closed during these three weeks;
  • Your questions will be answered a little bit later.

Starting Monday, August 5th, we will be happy to help you again. The Spaas team wishes everyone a pleasant and especially sunny vacation.