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Candles for your fairy tale wedding

Are you dreaming of a fairytale wedding? Busy preparing for your big day?

Candles instantly create a cosy atmosphere at your wedding party. Get some inspiration to encourage warmth and romance.

How to organise the perfect summer party?

The outdoor season is officially open!

Feel free to gather friends and family. Because with these tips, you will soon organise the perfect summer party.

Read all tips!

Which type of garden candle suits you?

An absolute must-have for anyone with a terrace or (urban) garden: a cute garden bowl. For you a stately one, with extra-large flame or rather small and cute?

Whichever garden bowl you choose, it will always give you and your guests a warm welcome.

Find out here which type of garden candle suits you best.


Spaas cycles for Stichting tegen Kanker

In May, we at Spaas got moving en masse for charity.

Those who came to work by bike supported Stichting tegen Kanker.

And of course, there was also something to win!