Enjoy the moments of life that count and make them even more intense with a candle. Because cosiness shouldn’t be a luxury.

Strong scents suit strong women

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, we went in search of scents that match strong, feminine traits. What type are you?

Complete relaxation with the right scent

Scents not only stimulate our minds and spirits; they can also create a feeling of incredible relaxation. Add ‘me time’ to your to-do list today.

Focus on what really matters

Making time for one another, enjoying being with each other, and just doing nothing. Whether you’ve booked a weekend away from it all or you just stay at home and shut out the rest of the world, we know how you can create warmth and cosiness wherever you are.


Our 2018 resolutions

Our best wishes for 2018 

We at Spaas wish all of you a healthy, successful 2018. We look forward to working on a year full of warmth and happiness together with you!

Are you curious to find out what our resolutions are? Then read our article to find out.