How to organise the perfect summer party?

The outdoor season is officially open!

Feel free to gather friends and family. Because with these tips, you will soon organise the perfect summer party.

1. Bring out the indoors

Seating comfort is key! Create a cosy setting with some colourful cushions or a chunky woven rug.

Feel free to bring out your rustic table candles. They will look great in a bowl with some sand.

2. Create cosy corners

All your guests lined up at a long, neatly laid table? That setting can feel unnatural.

Try creating cosy seating corners that invite good conversation.

3. Welcome your guests generously

With its robust look and extra-large flame, the 'Royal flame' from Spaas is the queen of garden dishes. Give your guests a royal welcome with a hedge of honour made of garden dishes!

Prefer a more compact dish? Spaas garden bowls come in various sizes.


4. Pull open the starry sky

A bright starry sky? Continue the magic with points of light at different heights. Thanks to a handy hanger, you can attach Spaas garden lights wherever you want.

Also fun: place some garden lights on a plinth. In most garden centres, you will find special bases for Spaas garden dishes.

5. Add a summer scent

Scent is an invisible mood creator. And this summer, choose from four distinctive summer fragrances.

The combination of lemongrass & ginger is a hit. The outdoor candle package 'Toekan' contains everything to delight your guests on a sultry summer evening. Also great as a gift!


6. Snacks, snacks, snacks

Nothing more annoying than spending your evening between pots and pans. Make appetisers in advance that you can just put on the table....

Or go one step further and organise a real 'potluck party'. Everyone brings a home-made dish and possibly their own cutlery. Little work and a deliciously diverse buffet. Sharing is caring!

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