New: a Study Buddy

Hello Study Buddy!

Meet the youngest member of the Spaas family: the Study Buddy, a charming scented candle developed especially for students. Because student life can be just as challenging as a full-time job, and because if you need to wade your way through piles of thick textbooks, you might as well do it properly: with the cosy glow of a candle by your side.

Choose between ‘Focus’, with eucalyptus, or ‘Relax’, with coffee.


Stay focused or get away from it all?


Study Buddy - Focus

'Well I never noticed, that scratch on my desk looks like a sausage roll!’ Studying can be tricky when you’ve got the attention span of a goldfish. Clear your desk, open that textbook and light a candle. Time to focus!

Thanks to our patented EMOTIWAVES™ technology, the Study Buddy provides a delightful feeling of well-being. It feels fresh like an autumn breeze and is bursting with eucalyptus and green apple. Bring on that dissertation!

Scent: Eucalyptus, green apple, lemon


Study-Buddy-RelaxStudy Buddy - Relax

A student brain can handle a fair bit of information, but enough is enough. When it all gets too much, taking a break is the best remedy. Find a match, light your Study Buddy and feel the sense of calm surround you.

Neuroscience confirms that scent affects our mood. Fresh coffee, the familiar smell of vanilla and hazelnut and our EMOTIWAVES™ technology will leave you feeling all comfortable and relaxed, as if you’ve been wrapped in a snug blanket.

Scent: Coffee, hazelnut, vanilla, dark chocolate



Get a Study Buddy for your home

Support a student from the sidelines by getting them a Study Buddy as a gift. Pick up this little helping hand in our online store.

Focus or relax: what does the student in your life need the most?



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