Hot stuff: these colours are filled with summer sunshine

Spring fever is taking hold.

Time for some spring cleaning and lots of new colours! And this season they are sunnier than ever.

Warning: reading on may cause a bout of cheerfulness ...

Fifty shades of sun

Luckily, there’s no need to renovate your home each season to get an instant new look. Some nicely-chosen vases, dinner candles and candle holders in trendy colours work wonders.

The trend that’s blossoming this spring and summer: sunrise in all its glory. And what a gorgeous set of colours that entails!

Who isn’t excited about bringing home some ochre yellow, cloudy orange, earthy red and grapefruit pink?

Cheerful rustic

The sunny trend continues throughout the Spaas collection. The rustic candles are particularly in tune with the colour scheme.

For example, in rose blush, ochre yellow, cinnamon brown and ginger red. Eye-catching colours that you can effortlessly mix and match.

You’ll find these trendy colours in the rustic household candles and in the ball candlesRustic from large to small: 100/100 mm70/190 mm70/130 mm and 70/80 mm.

Soon be adding a ray of sunshine to your home?

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