Welcome your guests in style


Do you have a fun dinner party planned at home? Great because there’s nothing as cosy as an evening with your partner, family, and friends. The pressure to be the perfect hostess seems even higher during the holidays. Naturally, welcoming your guests is a part of this. And what better way to do that than with candles? Be inspired by our tips:

A warm feeling of welcome starts outside

Welcoming someone to your home starts before they even get in the door. You can make your home and entryway warm and welcome by lighting some outdoor candles. Your front door will look incredibly inviting with just the addition of some terracotta dishes.

Fire-resistant luminarias with a holiday message on them are a perfect front-door decoration. Be sure to put them somewhere dry, though. The effect of them all lined up in a row is really cheerful.

A cozy entrance

A welcome table is the priority of every modern hostess. A table in your foyer with a few candles will light up your entryway and make your guests feel at home instantly. This way, you can work with several Christmas classic during the holidays, like red and white candles, or snowmen or Santas under glass.

The creative welcome table

If you’re the creative type, you can make unique paper luminarias and tealight holders. You can find loads of examples online that you can easily print out, cut to fit your glass, and then place against the inside of the glass (or around the outside). Put a tealight in the middle and you’re all set!

Glass lanterns

Another fun way to decorate your living room or foyer is by hanging glass lanterns or semi-open Christmas bobbles on ribbons from your ceiling. Filly our lantern with fake snow or white sand and put a Clearlight in the middle. Hang them at varying lengths to create a magical effect.

Make your own ice sculpture

Have a round baking tin lying around unused in a cupboard somewhere? Fill this with water, add some decorative elements like pinecones, branches, etc. and place the baking tin in the freezer. Be careful not to spill! Your patience will be rewarded because once the water is frozen, you’ll have a beautiful, handmade decoration for your table! Are your guests on their way? Take your ice sculpture out of the freezer, place it in a dish that can catch the melting water, and complete the picture with a burning candle in the center.

Ambience at the table

Finally, the evening can begin: a delicious aperitif with various appetizers is a must to start the night off right. So, be sure to decorate your coffee table with some decorative accessories and of course, lots of candles. Use the style of candle that matches your interior; we’ve got plenty to choose from!

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