Seven tips for a minimalist Christmas


Decorating for parties sometimes feels like an expensive and busy business. But it doesn’t have to be; you can rely on the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’. Simple, cosy, and comfortable. Inspired by nature and monochrome in style, we show you some ways to bring a Scandinavian, minimalist Christmas into your home.

Christmas is a beautiful season full of warmth and lights, but sometimes it can all be a bit much. Running around buying Christmas presents, whipping up family dinners, and when should you actually put up your Christmas tree?

There’s an abundance of Christmas decorations everywhere you look. No matter where you go, you are bombarded with Christmas baubles in every colour, artificial snow, and golden garlands. Maybe a fully loaded Christmas tree clashes horribly with your sleek interior. How do you best maintain the balance between over-the-top decoration and tranquillity in your home?

Inspiration from the North

We fall back on the Scandinavian decoration standards and combine these with winter cosiness. Clean lines, natural materials, and neutral colours are the basis from which we start. Returning to the essence is not only very stylish, but can also offer many emotional benefits in these busy times. Take some time to reflect on what is really important during the dark days of winter and make sure to get enough rest.

Tip 1: A simple Christmas tree

It is impossible to imagine December without a Christmas tree. But how do you keep a Christmas tree sleek and minimalistic when it is such a showpiece of excess? First and foremost – go for the real thing. An important concept within minimalism is to go back to the essence and that includes a real tree. Plastic trees can easily look ‘cheap’ and ‘kitsch'. If you are able to do so, you should bring a real tree into your home. Choose a tree with a root ball so that it will stay alive for a long time. Repot it in a slightly larger pot, do not place it near a heat source, and give your tree 0.5 to 1 litre of water daily.


If you don’t have the space for a life-size tree, choose a small table model. Again a real one is preferable to the decorated, plastic types. For a truly minimalist tree, leave out the baubles and garlands. Enjoy your tree in all its green glory or just hang some Christmas lights in it. A nice sleek basket or pot under your tree completes it. 

Tip 2: Baubles next to the tree

Are you still attached to your Christmas decorations? An original way to decorate is by placing your Christmas baubles in a glass vase next to your Christmas tree. That way you keep your tree looking sleek, but with a suggestion of Christmas decorations.

Tip 3: Sleek branches

Another way to get some green in your house is to put some pine branches in a vase. It’s a very simple solution that immediately gives your house a Christmas vibe. Eucalyptus branches also add ambience with their beautiful grey-green colour and they dry very nicely. Put some branches in a vase or tie them into a minimalistic Christmas wreath; the possibilities are endless. They also make your house smell delicious!

A nice accent is to hang a bunch of mistletoe somewhere in your house. A natural mood maker and you can also come off very romantic…

Tip 4: Snow-white candles

White is a Christmas colour par excellence and cannot be ignored in this minimalist concept thanks to its simple look and classy appearance. Smooth cylinders are very chic, while rustic candles have a slightly warmer and softer appearance.  White glass candles or white tea lights in holders fit perfectly into this picture as well.

The best way to make your white candles cosy is to combine them with light-coloured wood. This can be done using a wooden table or a wooden platter on which you group your candles. A platter is an ideal solution if you want to burn a lot of candles without it looking sloppy. This concept is called ‘organised chaos’. You place candles in different shapes, sizes, and materials together on a platter, so the chaos is limited to the surface of this platter. That way, your house will stay nice and tidy.

Tip 5: A festive accent

You immediately add a festive touch to your interior by choosing a metallic shade such as gold, silver, or bronze. Combine a metallic candle or holder with your white or neutral-coloured decor. These accents are real eye-catchers and create a Christmas feeling without dominating your entire interior.

Tip 6: Concealed kitsch

Do you have a kitschy showpiece you really like? Combine it with sleek candles and holders and make the decorative piece stand out. In this way, it remains quiet, but you can still decorate the house with a typical Christmas piece.

Tip 7: don’t stop at your interior

You can also wrap your gifts in a way that suits your new Scandinavian living room. Instead of opting for printed coloured wrapping paper, you now choose brown wrapping paper and simple ribbons. Make your packages festive by adding a pine branch and a simple name tag. Bet these minimalist packages will be a hit?


Rest in your home, rest in your head

Also be minimalistic with your time – make choices about who and how you spend your time during this busy season and don’t lose sight of yourself. Take enough time to reflect and unwind; enjoy a lovely moment on the sofa or in the bath with a candle at regular intervals. Did you know that a candle has meditative qualities? It brings your attention to the ‘now’ and watching a flame creates physical and emotional relaxation.

The ideal gift

Don’t look too far for your gifts; give the gift of warmth. Choose candles with a message or fabulous fragrances. You’ll always score with a candle. If you like to buy gifts from your sofa, take a look at our e-shop and discover all the Spaas gift packages that you can have delivered to your home.

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