Time to utterly relax


​Coming home after a hard day at work, cooking up a delicious meal for dinner, helping the kids with their homework, and then trying to squeeze in some time to fiddle around. And then, when you finally crawl into bed, your endless to-do list rattling around in your head, you realise that tomorrow is fully booked as well.

Sound familiar? Then it’s high time for a relaxing bath. Nothing is as wonderfully relaxing as taking a bath after a long, tiring day. Add ‘me time’ to your to-do list today.

The perfect temperature

The temperature of a relaxing bath is very important: the water can’t get cold too fast, but boiling yourself isn’t the goal either. Plus, a bath that is too hot will dry out your skin. Try to keep the temperature between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to add the bath gel while the water is running so you get a nice, thick layer of bubbles.

The right scent​

Scent plays a very big part in being able to utterly relax. Scents not only stimulate our minds and spirits; they can also create a feeling of incredible relaxation. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • The scent of mint awakens a refreshing energy. This scent is also perfect for in the bathroom. You’ll soon feel like you’re at the spa, which is just what you want when getting a little ‘me time’.
  • Do you prefer a warmer scent? Then opt for the scent of vanilla. This not only creates a feeling of relaxation; it stimulates your creativity as well.
  • The floral scent of jasmine isn’t just relaxing; it also helps to lighten emotional loads. It’s time to let those worries slide off your shoulders.
  • The scent of citrus fruit is both refreshing and very brisk. It’s also the ideal scent to help your thoughts settle down; it will help you put fear and stress aside for a bit.

Naturally, scents are a personal preference. There are any number of scents to choose from, so pick one that really works for you. Whether this is floral, fruity, herbal, or a natural scent is entirely up to you.

A complete scent set

Putting yourself first is often easier said than done. So, be sure to make your ‘me time’ really count; a complete set of scented candles are a must! You can group the scented candles on a decorative tray to make it even cosier. Light the candles a little bit in advance so that the wonderful scents can fill the air. A few scented sticks will also keep your bathroom smelling fresher for longer.

Don’t have room for a tray? Just put the candles on the edge of your tub. The Clearlights are perfect for this. The clear holder lets you watch the paraffin wax slowly melt down. A relaxed, cosy mood is guaranteed!

Dim the lights and relax

To really let the candles’ ambiance shine, it’s best to dim the lights in your bathroom. Add a little relaxing music and the moment’s all yours. Let yourself slip under the bubbles while the stress slips off of you. For that span of time, you don’t have to consider anything but yourself. You deserve it!

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