5 fragrances and their effect on your body



How do fragrances influence us? Which effect do they have on our body and soul? Discover how to get the most out of these five delicious fragrances.


Lavender is known for its calming effect on body and soul. It can reduce anxiety, combat insomnia and even soothe dementia patients. The lavender scent decreases your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure, which instantly calms you down.

Another important benefit is its pain-relieving effect. Many studies have been conducted into the effects of aromatherapy after surgery. Patients who were exposed to lavender aromatherapy post-surgery experienced less pain.

Our Magical Thoughts is a delicious combination of soothing lavender and pampering chocolate.



When should you light your Lavender & Chocolate candle?

  • Light the candle just before bedtime or during your evening routine.
  • It can help you relax after a stressful day.
  • It has a soothing effect on pain and discomfort.


Cinnamon is mainly associated with cooking and baking. It is sourced from the inside of several tree trunks and lends a unique flavour to sweet dishes. Cinnamon is also used as a physical and emotional stimulant. The sweet and warm cinnamon fragrance helps you concentrate and increases your performance. It has been proven that cinnamon gives both your cognitive functions and memory a significant boost. Therefore, it is useful while studying.  Cinnamon can also help keep your brain fit.

It is also known to soothe muscular and joint pain. In combination with ginger it can relieve flu symptoms and throat ache.

And this may come as quite a surprise, but cinnamon also keeps mosquitoes at bay. So if you don’t have any citronella at home, an apple & cinnamon candle can do the job!


When should you light your Apple & Cinnamon candle?

  • While studying.
  • When focusing on your work or hobbies.
  • Just before delivering a presentation.


Magnolia and other floral fragrances are known as aphrodisiacs. Magnolia has a romantic scent, which may well explain why it evokes a sense of happiness, joy, hope and love. Just like lavender, other floral fragrances help the body calm down and relieve stress or sadness. Magnolia gives you a boost and makes you smile. It's a real feel-good fragrance!

Not only does it give you energy and make you feel more optimistic, it also helps relieve headaches and - not surprisingly - it boosts your libido and creates a romantic atmosphere. So magnolia can add some more fire to your relationship!


When should you light your Magnolia Blossom candle?

  • Ideal as a gift for a person who is mourning the loss of a loved one or having a hard time.
  • When you could do with a boost.
  • For spiritual self-discovery.
  • On a romantic evening.


Doesn’t the scent of orange make you smile? Have you noticed it instantly makes you feel more refreshed and revitalised? That is because citrus scents have an invigorating effect on the body and soul.

Citrus purifies the mind and encourages you to adopt a more positive mindset. It opens up your soul and emotions, and it flushes out negative thoughts. In the morning, citrus can help you wake up refreshed. It allows for an optimistic start of the day.

The scent of citrus fruits is often used to beat depression through aromatherapy. It helps you relax and feel happy. Studies have also shown that citrus fragrances improve the cognitive functions of Alzheimer patients.


When should you light your Lavender & Citrus candle?

  • Light the candle if winter has made you moody.
  • Place the lit candle in your hallway when you are expecting guests. It will put a smile on their face as they walk in.
  • Citrus also helps reduce your appetite, which is always helpful if you are dieting.


Can you think of a more refreshing fragrance? Mint is often used in spas and saunas, and it makes you long for a wonderful relaxing day. It is the ultimate comforting scent. It alleviates physical pain and heals small wounds, and it relaxes the mind.

Mint if often used to tackle colds and breathing problems. Its antibacterial properties instantly soothe the airways and open the sinuses.

Since mint has a refreshing effect, it is also used as a mental stimulant, and it helps in case of stress and emotional struggles. Moreover, it stimulates mental activity and blood circulation, and it is used for alleviate muscular pain through aroma therapy.


When should you light your Minty Hammam candle?

  • When you have a cold, to open up your airways.
  • If you are feeling nauseous.
  • When you want pure relaxation, for example while taking a nice bath in the privacy of your home.

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