Relax, refresh, recharge

Do you usually stuff your day full of activities? Ten minutes in the shower, fifteen minutes to finish that presentation, thirty seconds to slurp up some coffee, and then off to your child’s music academy class with a squeal of tyres. Then this article is addressed to you. Schedule an hour for yourself in your agenda this week. Give your body and mind the peace it craves. Tons of extra energy guaranteed!

Read here how to transform your bathroom into a wellness paradise all your own. Ssshhhhh, do not disturb please!

Relaxing for dummies

The bathroom is the perfect place to wash away the hustle and bustle of the day. Turn on some music, dim the lights, and shut out everything and everyone for a while. Shamelessly fill your tub to the brim and let a bath bomb melt away in the warm water. The ultimate indulgence: thick clouds of creamy bath bubbles.

Complete your bath moment by surrounding yourself with candles. And if you think that candles are only for after dark, try lighting some large, rustic candles on a rainy autumn day. We bet it’ll brighten up your day immediately! 

Scented candles are also great mood enhancers. Choose fresh, natural, or slightly spicy scents that remind you of exotic destinations or a visit to the sauna.

Those trays sure are handy

Put your candles on a lovely tray. An artfully crafted bronze or glass tray can easily disperse the candles’ glow. Serving trays in wood or reed create a cosy effect.

A tray like this isn’t only beautiful, it’s also useful. You can easily move your candles and you don’t make a mess. Prefer a sea of light on a table or just on the edge of the tab? It’s your moment, so you decide! Extra advantage: a cup of steaming herbal tea also fits on it.

Invigorating candles

Want to turn your bathroom into a hammam? That’s possible! The ‘Relax, refresh, recharge’ box has it all. A delicious candle combination in white and turquoise, with the refreshing scent of freshly picked mint. And yes, it comes with a wooden tray.


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