Scented candles box - large

39,50 €

Each box contains:

  • 1x 24 Clearlights (Burntime 4.5 h)
  • 1x Scented glass candle with lid (Burntime 56 h.)

  • 1x Scented glass candle with black decorative cap (Burntime 15 h.)

  • 1x Fragrance sticks (80ml)


Scent: Poetic Mystery – Spearmint & Mandarin
Sparkling scents such as bergamot, mandarin, mint and orange blossom will give you a spring-fresh feeling. With the additional floral notes of the Poetic Mystery, you will come to rest completely. Transport yourself in the agitated moment of a wonderful spring day.


Tip: This scent is also available in a smaller version with our scented candle in modular glass and our smaller Clearlights.


The large scented candles box of Moments of Life includes 24 Clearlights in transparent cup, the scented candle including shade, the scented candle with lid and the reed diffuser. The large scented candle in glass burns for a minimum of 56 hours with the best preservation of the odor thanks to the matching lid. The Reed Diffuser ensures a gradual spread of a pleasant aroma, even when you are not home.

Technical Specifications

2.2 kg