Three unique tables with a touch of summer

Summer is all about delicious barbecues, late evenings, lots of laughter, and delicious drinks. And cosy candlelight to top it all off. We tested this at the Blog event in Alix – Table & Jardin d'Amis in Ghent. A beautiful garden in which to organise a cosy barbecue. We drank delicious gin & tonic from Porto Cruz and had dinner in a romantic conservatory. Spaas had already created the mood.

Our three special summer tables – in three completely different styles – were tested and approved at the blog event. Which style do you like the most?

Summer table 1: One with nature

Urban Jungle is still very hot – with this trend you’ll take your inspiration from nature in terms of both colours and materials. Using lots of plants and flowers is already a good start, plus, you can look for materials such as rattan, bamboo, ceramics, and leather. This fresh style makes you feel like you’re in a tropical jungle and fits perfectly with the summer temperatures. You can combine botanical prints with the ochre, shades of green, brown, and soft blue.

It is best to use a robust wooden table, the more natural the better. Use crockery with a handmade, natural look and hefty glasses. Combine colourful candles with plants and coconut tea-light holders to give the table an exotic look.


Summer table 2: Minimalism

Minimalism is not only an interior design style but a lifestyle as well. It means returning to the essence by removing all that is superfluous from your life. This can be material, but also in terms of how and with whom you spend your time. You consciously choose for a sober life, but not necessarily less beautiful. You surround yourself with things that bring you genuine pleasure, things you feel are beautiful.

For this summer table, we have combined minimalism with the industrial living style. Sleek materials in their natural states were combined here. Raw wood, marble, and cement with a sleek use of black and white create a stylish look.

For the summer table at the blog event, we went for a sleek, white wood table with black fabric coasters and napkins, contrasting with sleek, white crockery and slim cutlery. Gold and black candlesticks and tea light holders create an industrial look that instils peace and quiet.

Summer table 3: Recycling

To stay in the nature-conscious theme, we have created a High Tea table based on recycled products. A High Tea table uses a romantic style, round, elegant shapes, and soft materials. Wood, linen, and cotton are used, as well as floral prints, pastel shades, and embroidery. It creates a nostalgic ambience because you use classic elements. 

We got our inspiration for this table in a second-hand shop. We were able to buy the crockery for a few euros and we also reused the napkins by ironing them onto the candles. That way, you create a nice, romantic unity. For a High Tea table, you could also go all in for the excess of the English style, wonderfully curly, with a cake stand, macaroons, and petit fours. Crystal glasses and porcelain teacups make the whole thing even cosier.

Extra: cosy mood corner

Do you have a nice tree in your garden? Create a Spaas mood corner! Hang Garden Lights in your tree along with glass jars on ribbons with tea lights or refills in them. The floating candles create a magical effect. Place a bench under the tree or lay down a blanket with pillows to make it all cosy.

You can light a small fire pit and grill some marshmallows or you can place some terracotta saucers around your seating area. Always use citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes at bay. You don’t need much to create your personal mood corner.

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