A new life for your terracotta saucers


So, you like to burn terracotta saucer candles on your patio, in the garden, or at your front door to welcome your guests. But what do you do when your candle has completely melted away and all you have left is an empty saucer? Don’t throw them away; give them a second lease on life by reusing them. These creative solutions are great for an afternoon of crafts among friends or with the children.

Saucer full of candlelight

Did you know that these fireproof saucers can also continue to serve as candle holders? Bring them inside and fill them up with some stones and tea lights or some rustic candles. Give them an instant cosy rustic look by glueing some rough rope around the edge of the saucer. Or paint the saucers to match your interior perfectly.

Jewellery holder

Turn your used saucers into a showpiece for your jewellery on your sideboard! Paint your saucers in a nice colour. Then make sure you have a wooden divider that you can glue between two saucers using super glue or a glue gun. You can fill the saucers with stones or fabric, and then display your jewellery. Practical and a real eye-catcher!

Indoor garden

Turn your saucer into a cosy autumn landscape to bring those beautiful colours into your home. Use some moss, dried fruit, pine cones, and a candle here or there to create a beautiful indoor garden. You choose whether you prefer to keep it minimalistic or whether you prefer a warm, rustic look.

Floating green

Follow the latest decorating trend and integrate some macramé into your home! This simple knotting technique creates a real eye-catcher and adds some fresh green to your living room or bedroom. You can work with succulents or cacti, which only need a little water. Ivy is also a nice choice. Macramé is made using sturdy cord and the technique can be learned here: watch the video.

A mini-oasis of tranquillity

The technique of making sand mandalas is an old Eastern habit that provides mental peace. Tibetan monks even use it as a form of meditation. Make your own zen garden by decorating a garden saucer with mandala shapes in white sand and add a small succulent or cactus. Make shapes in the sand with your finger or a stick and experience the soothing satisfaction it brings.

Herb Garden

If you like delicious, fresh herbs when cooking, you can recycle the saucers into a herb garden. You can plant up to two types of herbs in a large garden saucer. Decorate the saucers to give them some personality and put them on the windowsill in the sunlight. Water regularly and always pick the lower leaves first. Tasty!

Bird feeder

With the cold winter months coming up, you can also use your saucers to feed hungry birds. Decorate your saucer, spray with a water-repellent layer, and hang it in a tree with iron wire. Some crumbs, sugar water, or bird food will help your winged friends through the winter.

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