Spaas awarded the Ecovadis silver medal


In the 'environment' theme, Ecovadis assessed both operational factors (energy consumption and waste management) and product management (product end-of-life and health and safety issues for the customer).

To reduce our ecological footprint, we defined clear guidelines for specific themes, such as energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. There are also lots of measures in place to ensure the safety and health of our customers.


Labour and human rights

In this category, Ecovadis looked at internal staff policy (health and safety, working conditions, and career management) and human rights issues (discrimination and/or intimidation, child labour). 

As a family business, Spaas focuses a lot of attention on the well-being of all of its staff. For example, we monitor the health of our people and their job satisfaction. Moreover, we implement a well-thought-out diversity policy and do not tolerate any form of discrimination and/or intimidation.


In this category, Ecovadis looked at themes, such as anti-competitive practices and responsible information management, in great detail.

Spaas has a clear and consistent policy on corruption, privacy, and ethics. We treat third-party data with care and safeguard it from unauthorised use. We also carry out established monitoring procedures and audits to ensure that corruption cannot occur at Spaas.

Sustainable procurement

Ecovadis looked at both the social and the ecological aspects of our supply chain.

We also set high standards for our suppliers with respect to our environmental policy and corporate social responsibility. We expect them to prove their engagement with on-site audits and assessments.

Proud of our silver medal

You can be sure we are proud of our silver medal. As well as the entire Spaas team. We achieved this terrific result because of our diligent collaboration on a daily basis.



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