Living trends for 2015


How well are you informed about the 2015 interior trends? We'd love to keep you up-to-date. Our Clearlights perfectly blend in with all of these 2015 trends. Therefore we combined some colour swatches per trend so that we can...

Living trend 1: Herbalism trend

Every designer uses them in their collection this year: flower prints. The patterns are inspired by painted flower vases dating back to the 15th & 16th century. This trend is not only emerging on the catwalk but also in interior objects. Think of sofa's, tapestry & chairs. The patterns are so detailed that the flowers almost look like 3D models. The Spanish designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocón had a brilliant idea. He found a way to update world-famous classics by using this trend. He embroidered flower patterns on the back of the aluminum armchair of Charles & Ray Eames. Colours used in the flowers are usually very soft & pastel like.

Matching Clearlights: Wild Orchid and Berry Cocktail.

Living trend 2: New classicism

The road of free creativity is not exactly taken in this style. The New Classicism trend deliberately wants to give classical values a new life. The designs are very stylish, sober but with a refined finishing. By respecting some specific dimensions, they get a classical look but with a surprising new look. The colour swatches related to this trend are basic & sober. Taupe, black, white and marine blue are typical colours that reflect in this style.

Matching Clearlights: Fresh Nature and Exotic Wood.

Living trend 3: Irising Colours

A new trend in interior object this year are irising colours. Think about the colour shifts you see in a soap bubble or pearl. The colours seem to change with every angle you approach the object. Materials that possess these qualities are used more and more this year. Glass objects are treated with metal salt to get this effect. Pearl purple, pink & blue are colours which you will often see emerging this year. 

Matching Clearlights: Magnolia Blossom and Eccentric Eucalyptus.

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