Living trends for 2018


Just when we thought Scandinavian design trends were the in thing, interior design suddenly took off in a new direction in 2018. Scandinavian design is still very popular, but it has now passed its peak. The industrial inn trend – that Spaas has been following for a number of years -is becoming more popular and is increasingly combined with country interiors.

Living trend 1: Victorian Touch

If you immerse yourself in interior inspiration, as we do every day, this new trend probably won’t come as a surprise to you. Vintage floral wallpaper, opulent chandeliers and chaises longues with chic high feet have been popular for about a year.  So it was to be expected that all these stylish elements would be brought together again in one interior: traditional decor with a Victorian touch. A Victorian or traditional interior makes you think of flowery prints, decorations, furniture on high feet and dark colours interchanged with a pastel shade. Leather (Chesterfield sofas) and velour have become popular materials again. The authentic look and objects referring to a rich historical past are fully back in fashion.

Living trend 2: Colour Blocking​

Whereas 2017 was characterised by a more adult sophisticated look, next year interiors will be more playful and cheerful. For example, bright, vibrant colours and even colour blocking. With colour blocking you can choose shade on shade - a palette with various shades within the same family – but you can also create striking contrasts with opposite colours. So experiment with cool blue shades combined with warm orange shades.

Pantone chose 'Ultra Violet' as colour of the year and Levis chose 'Heart Wood' again, a colour that goes perfectly with the still popular - but more saturated - dusty pink.

Living trend 3: Geometrische vormen en Typografie

Geometric forms are still popular. You can use them in a special wallpaper, duvet cover or carpet. And let’s be honest, we would all be delighted if this is next year’s trend. As the possibilities are endless. Triangles, circles or squares on your wallpaper or in wall paint. Or do you want to do something different with your floor? You can also lay tiles in a geometric pattern. Want a geometric décor? Circles, squares or rectangles around your lamps are always effective!

Typography is also becoming increasingly popular. We are now familiar with the gallery wall, but according to the interior design trends 2018 you can create something even more exciting with it. Collect all your great prints, photos and artwork together and hang them next to one another on your gallery wall XL. With this trend you can forget the motto 'less is more'!

Living trend 4: Holographic and natural Metallics​

These trends are already popular in the world of beauty and fashion, but now it’s time for the holographic trend to move into the realm of interior design too. Metallic is also hot. Every room needs a spark. Just think of (transparent) products with an iridescent shine/unicorn glow, lots of glitter and futuristic prints. You need to be pretty brave to use them!

Of course, you can also always go for a subtle approach with holographic cutlery, for example. Or what about a nice plaid with a subtle glitter thread woven into it?

Living trend 5: Subtle Wood

Year on year our décor becomes more and more sophisticated, so that we start to long for traditional elements. In the kitchen – if your interior design allows – you can opt for old-fashioned bar stools that break up the style a little. Or you can also add small subtle touches such as a wooden chopping board or fruit basket.

Living trend 6: Perfect Imperfections

A subtle trend that we are starting to see all around us comes from the increase in more artisan objects. Pascale Naessens used this trend a few years ago in her ‘Pure’ table collection, but now it's being applied to other objects too: apparently perfectly geometric or round shapes are suddenly given a subtle dent or an irregular angle so that they aren’t perfect anymore. Habitat in London has included a number of objects in its spring collection, but Serax is also embracing this décor trend which comes from Japan.

Living trend 7: Terazzo

Cool in the seventies, out of fashion in the nineties and cool again in 2018. Yes, terrazzo is back. The colourful floor tiles add an extra dimension to any room. Even if you can’t afford the really expensive Max Lamb version, you can expect much cheaper versions on the market over the coming months. We think it’s really ugly, but now at least you can drop your crumbs on the floor and no one will notice! Fortunately, marble patterns are also becoming more popular. The patterns are even used for bed linen, wallpaper and lamps.

And finally…​​

  • Pattern plants: plants and green were hugely popular in many interiors last year and the trend is continuing this year, but people are mainly focussing on plants with vibrant patterns and striking vein structures.
  • Pineapples and flamingos: these follow on from last year’s cactuses, unicorns and flamingos: we stay with the exotic trend for pineapples in every shape and colour.  Let’s hope that for 2019 the designers come up with something less kitsch for all these beautiful objects.

Sources: My Domaine Home, Habitat London, Realtor, Brendan-I-am, Pantone.


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