Dive into autumn with all your senses


September is a month filled with fresh challenges. The school year has started, many companies are returning to full speed, and we’re getting back into our hobbies. However, with the sudden rush of all these activities makes it easy to forget to fully enjoy this delightful season. That lunchbox can wait for now! Step into your boots and go appreciate the marvellous autumn colours in the woods…

The woods at their best

Autumn in the woods is pure magic. Calm yourself and be attentive to hear all of the sounds. Mode: relax! Go on a family outing and ferret out some typical autumn objects. Children just love to collect leaves of different shapes and colours. Pick up wild sweet chestnuts and peel away their shells. You can roast the sweet chestnuts later and the autumn leaves can be used in a fun arts and crafts project.

Why not perk up your home with a dash of autumn? Replace pastel summer decorations with warm autumn hues. You can make your home really cosy with some walnuts, chestnuts, and a handful of colourful autumn leaves. And candles will certainly add to the ambience.

Especially when they fill the house with a quintessential autumn scent…

Sweet pear and wild fig

At Spaas, we sought out scents that kindle a warm feeling of rediscovery while also evoking warm memories.. This is the collection ‘Moments of life’. ‘Heart Warmings’ is one of 12 unique fragrance sensations in the collection and is at its best in the autumn. A deep scent that evokes daydreams about our past summer. You can smell seasonal fruit… the redolence of ripe pear and the sweet sensation of wild figs.

‘Heart Warmings’ is available in small and medium size boxes. For a cosy and even cosier autumn moments in your ‘bubble’.

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