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Life’s different experiences can be inspiring, wherever or whatever they are - a walk in the park, a memory of our youth, delicious food, holidays, etc. Inspiration or memories often occur when we least expect them.

At Spaas a specific search has been made to track down the fragrances that recall such memories. In doing so we have created a range of fruity and floral fragrances, with additional wood and natural aromas. The result is an assortment of 12 aromas, available across a variety of Spaas products:

Clearlights 24 pieces with a burn-time of 4,5 hours
Clearlights XL12 pieces with a burn-time of 10 hours
Scented candle in a glass holder, available with a separate shade or cap to reflect a stunning shadow when the candle is lit
Scented candle in a glass holder with a lid for the optimal preservation of your fragrance
Pack of 30 tealights in a range of three assorted colours
Scented candle in a stylish and modular glass holder
The reed diffuser, ideal for diffusing a wonderful fragrance throughout the room all day long.


Discover our 12 Moments of Life scents


Scented-candles-Spaas-Heart Warmings-scent-pear-figHeart Warmings

Remember summer pleasures with Heart Warmings. The sweet aroma of sun-ripened figs, combined with fresh notes of pear and the sweet scent of blackcurrants and raspberries, was inspired by a sunny day in the Mediterranean. An extra touch of apple adds the feel-good factor during those wonderful summer days. Relive the pleasure of a sunny summer holiday with Heart Warmings.

Scent: Pear & Wild Fig

scented-candles-Spaas-Refreshing-Lightness-scent-lavender-citrusRefreshing Lightness

Enjoy Refreshing Lightness: a fruity, natural citrus fragrance, combined with a hint of lavender. Citrus aromas create an additional sense of the outdoors and you will soon be transported to lavender fields on a lovely sunny day.

Scent: Lavender & Citrus

scented-candles-Spaas-Poetic-Mystery-scent-spearmint-mandarinePoetic Mystery

The roots of Poetic Mystery lie in relaxation with its warm and precious aromatic elements. Sparkling and uplifting aromas such as bergamot, mandarin, mint and orange blossom create a fresh sense of springtime. Additional floral notes of jasmine, lavender and violet are relaxing and will transport you to a cheerful moment on a wonderful spring day.

Scent: Spearmint & Mandarine

scented-candles-Spaas-Sparkling-Times-scent-exotic-fruitsSparkling Times

Delicious cocktails, incessant sunshine and flip-flops on your feet. With Sparkling Times summer will flood into your home. No big surprise when you know that the perfume is made from lemon zest, orange, bergamot and a subtle vanilla fragrance. Sparkling, refreshing and inspired by the traditional Margarita cocktail.

Scent: Exotic Fruits

scented-candles-Spaas-Mist-Nostalgia-scent-sea-salt-citronMist of Nostalgia

Take a long walk along the seashore with our Mist of Nostalgia. The fragrance of sea salt is combined with seaweed and an undertone of musk to provide a refreshing perfume. An extra hint of lemon adds a subtle exotic touch.

Scent: Sea Salt & Citron

scented-candles-Spaas-Velvet-Luxury-scent-raspberry-lilyVelvet Luxury

Relax completely and surround yourself with the natural perfume of Velvet Luxury. The combination of red fruit, vanilla and gentle woodland aromas, mixed with floral notes from the lily summon up a sense of tranquility and relaxation, allowing you to feel completely revived.

Scent: Raspberry & Lily

scented-candles-Spaas-Morning-Breeze-scent-cotton-blossomMorning Breeze

Experience the refreshing, cool and pure fragrance of the early wind with Morning Breeze. The refined fragrance with its natural elements and an elegant hint of blossom is refreshing and soothing. Wake up to relaxing surroundings with Morning Breeze.

Scent: Cotton Blossom

scented-candles-Spaas-Sensual-Blush-scent-vanilla-myrrSensual Blush

Remember that feeling on your first date? The sensual perfume of vanilla and wood plus oriental fragrances such as amber, sandalwood and cedar will soon remind you: the flickering candlelight, a handsome date, a delicious dinner, in short a delightful evening. Sensual Blush will brighten your day with its fabulously attractive fragrance.

Scent: Vanilla & Myrr

scented-candles-Spaas-Relax-Relieve-scent-bergamot-teaRelax & Relieve

The nostalgic scent of bergamot tea has been used to recall those pleasant moments with family. The floral fragrance is an immediate reminder of Sunday afternoons with your grandparents. Relive each moment with Relax & Relieve.

Scent: Bergamot Tea

scented-candles-Spaas-Magical-Thoughts-scent-lavender-chocolateMagical Thoughts

The ‘feel-good’ perfume of Magical Thoughts combines the relaxing aroma of lavender with the rich, sweet fragrance of chocolate. Patchouli and sandalwood add extra refinement to the perfume. Escape reality with the dark and mysterious aroma of Magical Thoughts.

Scent: Lavender & Chocolate

scented-candles-Spaas-Joyful-Excitement-scent-strawberry-forest-fruitsJoyful Excitement

The fruity fragrance of Joyful Excitement brings an uplifting feeling of delight. The sweet smell of strawberries, combined with the aromas of forest fruits diffuse a soft perfume. Go back in time and relive the enthusiasm of your youth.

Scent: Strawberry & Forest Fruits

scented-candles-Spaas-Secret-Fantasy-scent-eucalyptus-appleSecret Fantasy

Escape the hustle and bustle with Secret Fantasy. The selected aromas, based on a day at the Spa, include the refreshing fragrance of apple, eucalyptus and jasmine. Warm amber, sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli are the basis to create a sense of uplifting and radiant pleasure.

Scent: Eucalyptus & Apple


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