Tips for a trendy High Tea Party

A blog event was recently organised in Hoeilaart during which tips for the perfect garden party were given. A number of bloggers came along and joined in with the various workshops. Read on and discover the fun tips & tricks and find out how to host a wonderfully charming and successful High Tea Party!

Welcome sign

Surprise your guests on arrival with a home-made wooden welcome sign. Start by writing a word of welcome, such as ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’ on some paper and decide where you wish to insert your nails on the wooden board. Then transfer these points onto the wooden board and use them as a guide to knock in your nails. Wind some string around the first point and continue weaving it around the nails to create your text. Add one more nail in underneath your text so that you can hang a candle from it.

Table decoration

A jolly table design can be created using a fun combination of unique items. Rather than using exactly the same plates for everyone, go and find various articles that fit together to create a cheerful blend. Use candles as extra decoration too. Select a variety of colours that complement each other nicely. It’s ok to use a few scented candles, but make sure that the fragrance is not overpowering. You can cover your table in all kinds of fabric, table runners and frills in all different colours and patterns. Bring it all together by starting with one large tablecloth underneath. The floral designs on your cups, saucers and dessert plates can be mixed to create a really cheerful look. Some pretty flowers finish it all off beautifully.


Add some colour and ambiance to your table with these lovely candleholders. Do you still have some fun coffee cups or bowls in the cupboard? Then use the cups as candleholders for some floating candles and sprinkle with some little flowers. Put them on the table and turn them into a delightful and colourful table decoration!


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