Table candles


Thanks to their elegant shape and bright flame, table candles are ideal for your party table or if the mood needs to be slightly more intimate. Also, because of  their timeless character, they put a warm glow into your house at any time of day and for any occasion, and they are usable in any situation. The Spaas Festilux candles are a slightly longer and finely tapered household candle that will fill your interior for up to eight hours with a cosy glow and a large, warm flame.

Because they are unscented, they do not spoil the delicate aroma of delicious dishes served at the table, and the long burn-time guarantees a carefree evening with atmospheric lighting. Thanks to its big selection of classic candles, Spaas offers you the right answer to all your wishes. Discover beside our table candles, our matching pillar candles and our rustic candles to complete  your table decoration.

Burn time: 8 hours
Quantity: 10 pieces per pack
Available in 12 colors


Burn time: 6 hours
Quantity: 8 pieces per pack
Available in 4 colours

Burn time: 7 hours
Quantity: 4 pieces per pack
Available in gold and silver