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That’s how you celebrate Valentine's Day in 2021...

It’s unfortunate that this year you cannot have a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant. But that doesn’t mean you should let Valentine’s Day go by unnoticed. Read here how you can create an unforgettable romantic celebration…

The perfect gift for your budget

December is still the best month when it comes to gift-giving even in the time of COVID-19. Are you also looking for the perfect present? We selected the nicest luminous gifts for every budget.

Feel right at home with these five hygge-friendly items.

Our morale has seen better days, but we find comfort in one another. At the end of the day, we’re all in the same boat. So, before you start to panic, just remember: ‘This too, shall pass.’ And... there’s an opportunity in every crisis. (Re)discover your passions, spend more time together, and cocoon to your heart’s content.

If we’re going to be home twice (or three times!) as much, we might as well make it nice and properly cosy.



Spaas commemorates World Cancer Day

On 4 February, we will be reflecting on the enormous impact of cancer. Our hearts go out to all those who have come into contact with the disease, whether they were directly or indirectly involved.

Thanks to the sale of our benefit candles, we have now raised €5845 for Stichting Tegen Kanker. Thank you to everyone who bought a benefit candle and thus also supported this good cause!