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Time to relax

Treat yourself to ultimate indulgence with a lovely bath moment. And remember: there’s no such thing as too many bubbles or too many candles.

More light, more colour, more ambience

A Spaas Clearlight emits twice as much light as a regular tea light thanks to the transparant holder. Allowing you to really boost the feeling of romance and cosiness! And you bet we will light it now that the chilly autumn days are approaching.

Dive into autumn with all your senses

We can still feel the heat of the sun on our skin even as the evenings get shorter. And that brightly coloured carpet of leaves tells us that autumn is on the way. Read on to learn how you can fully enjoy this delightful new season with its tantalising scents and colours…


Limited edition: Mini-taper candles with candlestick

These adorable Mini-taper candles or dinner lights are an essential addition to a romantic dinner. Libelle readers can buy them at a discount from Ava as from 15 October.

The candles come in packs of 8 and include two beautiful ribbed candlesticks. Warmth and an extra-cosy ambience guaranteed. Don’t miss your discount voucher!