Spaas opts for Belgian design

Since revamping our candle brand, we have resolutely chosen to join forces with young Belgian designers. After all, our small country is a breeding ground for talent. Moreover, innovation is an important asset to ensure we continue to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We would like to show you how innovation fits into our strategy.

Candles may still be a fairly traditional business sector, but in recent years we have noticed gradual changes seeping in. With the launch of scented candles, we have seen a shift from a functional product to a decorative accessory and even a gift item. Candles are also used in increasingly trendy spaces, such as high-end bistros or catering establishments.


When developing our collections, our designers analyse the current trends  and consider how people use candles.  Consumers are looking for affordable candles that highlight an aspect of their personality. The result? Sometimes surprising ideas that give our candles a unique touch.

Once our designers have agreed on a concept, they create hundreds of sketches or designs. They then make a selection and pour the designs into 3D moulds. The candles are presented to a panel of users and the final choice is made.


Subsequently, the chosen design is prepared for production. The right material is selected in consultation with the producer and the prototypes are developed. If necessary, the design is further refined and adapted to ensure it does exactly what it is intended to do. Receiving a prototype is often a magical moment. A bit like seeing a newborn for the first time.

We like to wrap our candles in beautiful packaging. The trend of gifting candles has reached our shores from England. Mainly around the Christmas period you will find beautiful gift boxes in our collection.


Our designers have left their mark on several products, from selecting the right shapes and colours to designing the conical glass holder with a cover and the pendant garden light, which are fine examples of genuine innovations. 

You can view the final results of the selected designs in our range.

All images and designs are property of Yellow Window and Absintt.


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