Head into autumn with style

The weather has already turned into autumn, with downpours, watery sunshine, and cool morning hours. Time to heat up your home! Go unabashedly all out when it comes to candles because they make cuddling up at home completely cosy.

For those who just can’t say goodbye to the summer yet: don’t panic. Spaas gives you several tips on how to create a perfect late-summer feel at home, so that the seasons can blend seamlessly into one another.

White as a bold autumn colour

This year, white is not only a summer colour; you can also extend it into your autumn interior. It looks very stylish and minimalistic, so your late summer decorations keep that fresh look. One way to integrate white is by using white (rustic) candles, white tea light holders, or even white pumpkins and pine cones.

As far as materials are concerned, go for a ceramics and porcelain. These create a sleek look and their texture adds extra depth to the whole, creating more ambience.

Go for a classic

The trick to making white cosy is to combine it with a warm autumn colour such as orange or red. Orange is, of course, the ultimate autumn colour and easy to add to your interior by bringing some pumpkins into your home. But orange candles are also a nice addition to a white whole.

White and orange are the best colours to combine with a rough wood colour. Choose light-coloured wood to avoid hard contrasts.

Cuddling up at home with a delicious autumn fragrance

Fragrances have a big impact on your mood. So choose your favourite fragrances as an extra element to create ambience at home. The smell of Apple-Cinnamon is a great choice that puts you in a wonderful mood. A sweet, herbal aroma to make you snuggle under a blanket on the sofa.

For those who want a delicious baking smell in the house, it’s best to go for the White Cake Vanilla. If you prefer a fabulous woodland fragrance, you will be delighted with the smell of Exotic Wood.


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