Rustic Candles Box

21,95 €

Each box contains:

  • 1x Rustic candle petrol blue (Diameter 7cm Height 19cm Burn-time 95h)
  • 1x Rustic candle petrol blue (Diameter 7cm Height 13cm Burn-time 60h)
  • 1x Rustic candle white (Diameter 7cm Height 13cm Burn-time 60h)
  • 1x Rustic candle grey blue (Diameter 7cm Height 8cm Burn-time 30h)
  • 1x Rustic candle grey blue (Diameter 5cm Height 8cm Burn-time 17h)
  • 1x Rustic ball candle white (Diameter 8cm Burn-time 24h)
  • 1x Wooden tray


Fragrance: unscented


Our rustic candle boxes contain six different types of rustic candles. And because the candles come in different sizes, they look just right on your table. The perfect solution for a nice accessory for your home. The Rustic Candles box comes in five colors. There is an atmosphere box for every home.

Technical Specifications

petrol blue
2.8 kg