'Relax Refresh Recharge' Box

SPAAS 'Relax Refresh Recharge' Box
SPAAS 'Relax Refresh Recharge' Box
30,00 €

Each box contains:

  • 1x Scented candle in transparent glass with the fragrance of Minty Hammam (Burning time 25h)
  • 1x Rustic pillar candle white (Diameter 7cm Height 13cm Burning time 60h)
  • 1x Rustic pillar candle emerald green (Diameter 7cm Height 19cm Burning time 95h)
  • 1x Fragrance sticks 50 ml with the fragrance of Minty Hammam
  • 1x Bag of decorative white stones
  • 1x Grey wooden tray


Fragrance: Minty Hammam
Minty Hamman is cool and refreshing on hot summer days. The minty aroma is both purifying and invigorating. It is the perfect scent to create some magnificent me time. Imagine you’re at a spa with these hammam scented candles.


Make yourself a priority once in a while. For one moment stop doing for others and delight yourself instead. Embrace this opportunity by lighting a candle whilst taking a bath, reading a good book or just to relax and do nothing at all.

*atmospheric picture may differ slightly from the package. Always consult the description for the content of the package.

Technical Specifications

2.5 kg