The favourite candle of Elyn Vandenwyngaert


We want to acquaint the Spaas fans with the people behind our candles on a monthly basis. What better way to do this than with a candle?

Meet Elyn Vandenwyngaert and discover her favourite candle:

Elyn Vandenwyngaert

Function: trade marketeer
Favourite candle: rustic candle 100/100 taupe

Elyn has always been a candle fanatic and she still can’t stop herself from smelling each scented candle that comes her way. Her passion for interior design and candles has developed further during her time at Spaas, and so has her candle collection at home...

Favourite candle: rustic candle 100/100 taupe

To her, candle moments mean pure relaxation. The flame lights up and her worries melt away. A carefree moment just for me. It instantly makes a room more cosy, warmer, more inviting and more intimate. With a flame you create something special which just cannot be re-created with artificial light.

Her favourite candle is the taupe rustic 100/100. It is a timeless and sleek design which fits her minimalistic style like a glove. A candle with ‘body’ and a true chameleon. You can use it in as many settings and dress it up just as you like. And of course it is at its best while lit.

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