The favourite candle of Dirk Nouwen


We want to acquaint the Spaas fans with the people behind our candles on a monthly basis. What better way to do this than with a candle? Meet Dirk Nouwen and discover his favourite candle:

Dirk Nouwen

Function: warehouse operative
Favourite candle: modern scented candle with a silver ring

Dirk has been a Warehouse Operative with Spaas for over 20 years. This means he has handled almost all components we've used to create candles over the years. 

Favourite candle: modern scented candle with silver ring

His favourite candle - somewhat surprisingly - is not a classic candle, but rather the modern scented candle with silver ring. Dirk likes it because it comes in various scents and colours, it can be stacked but also boasts a good burning duration. Those who know Dirk, know he likes cosiness. This is the main reason why he tends to light a candle, especially at night and over the weekend.

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