Little Lights of Cosiness

Wether you're having an evening with friends at home, enjoying a wellness moment by yourself or celebrating a birthday, you immediately think of cosy moments. Clearlights help you to create the right atmosphere in your home. For every moment you will find a wide variety of colours and fragrances. Discover our latest collection on the Clearlights pages and be inspirered by the latest interior trends and by original ideas.

Mix & Match

Clearlights come in 13 trendy colours and fragrances. Next to the standard Clearlights, that give you 4,5 hours of flaming fun, we now also offer XL Clearlights with a burning time of 10 hours. For those who prefer a neutral fragrance, we added white odourless Clearlights to the collection.

These bright scented tealights with a colourful light are a must for those who like atmosphere and cosiness. You can mask smells in your home after cooking, you can make your living room cosy when receiving visitors or you can keep them for yourself to fragrance your bathroom or bedroom.


Although you can perfectly use Clearlights on an ininflammable surface, we have a few beautiful tealight holders in our collection. The porcelain tealight holders with wooden base are compatible for both Clearlights & XL Clearlights. You can choose out of 3 different quotes that light up when you burn a candle inside.

Don't worry if your porcelain tealight holder becomes a little black on the inside. With a bit of water and some washing up liquid you can easily clean and whiten the porcelain.

Nedda glasses

Spaas regularly works together with (young) designers. Nedda El-Asmar designed these 2 timeless and stylish glass tealight holders for the Clearlights collection. The waving shape of the glasswork brings out the bright colours of the tealights in a transparent cup even more. The 2 glasses form a family but can also be used seperately. There is a small and a large tealight holder for both Clearlights dimension.

The Nedda glasses were specially designed for those who love objects of beauty. The elegant waves in the thick glass make these tealight holder a must-have design object.

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