Jean-Marie wins his weight in candles!

Thanks to the many positive reactions, Belgium's most amusing contest is back. During the Nocturne Illuminée in Waremme, everyone could take a chance on winning his or her weight in candles. Hundreds of contestants gave it a shot. With mouths already watering just thinking about the gigantic prize, some contestants even unleashed a charm offensive to fish the answer out of the Spaas employees.

And the winner is…

Jean-Marie from Hannut was the lucky winner who came closest to the correct answer. On 29 May, together with his neighbour, he made the trip to faraway Limburg to visit the Spaas factory. Wildly enthusiastic, they arrived in the afternoon, and their mouths fell open when they entered the showroom. There, every single candle in the Spaas range is displayed, and it's an impressive sight, if we say so ourselves.

After coffee and Limburgse vlaai, they took a tour of the production facility in Hamont. After the tour, the winner was weighed, and our visitors could choose, to their hearts' content, any candles they wanted from the entire Spaas range. They left with no less than 76 kg of garden candles, scented candles and wax melts. Cosiness guaranteed for many years to come.

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