Five tips for an Indian Summer on your patio


Summer’s end? Don’t count on it! September usually still has plenty of sunshine in store. Oh, how we love the mood of those long, languid evenings on our patio. And, naturally, we’ve got to have summer candles…
Tip: a variety of lights on your patio and in your garden add an extra touch of summer magic. Use an abundance of colourful candles and candle holders combined with contrasting neutral fabrics and natural materials.

Tip 1: Light up your table

Your dining table is the focal point of your patio, so it definitely deserves some extra TLC. Create a playful line of light along the entire length of your table. Place taller candles in the middle and work your way out to the end using gradually smaller candles. Choose a neutral tablecloth, so that you can indulge in an abundance of colourful candles. Mix & match pastel and sorbet colours and alternate candles in glasses with candles in pots. The lovely Spaas lemon-yellow candles add some sass. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Be sure to integrate some citronella candles too. That’s how you keep uninvited pests away.

Tip 2: Candles on a tray

Find a flat wood, stone, or metal tray and fill it with candles. Use different types of candle holders: inscribed, perforated, or textured… Place the tray on the ground or on a low table. Make sure you can still see it when you’re seated at the table. Any type of tray will work: small, large, round, oval… And when twilight falls, the tray becomes a sea of dancing lights. Cosiness guaranteed.

Tip 3: A scoop of holiday vibes

Fill a robust vase or a large glass candle holder with some sand and slide in some tall, rustic candles. Be sure to check out Spaas’s range of rustic candles; you’ll be amazed by the many shapes and colours. You can also transform other objects into candle holders, as long as they are deep enough and have a neutral colour. Of course, your candles can be in a variety of fun colours,  like emerald blue or bright green. We bet this little scoop of sand will increase the holiday vibes!

Tip 4: Look beyond your patio

Why light up just your patio? You shouldn’t neglect your trees, paths, and shrubs. Illuminate the path to your patio with candles in white or terracotta dishes. Set them out in a straight line or on either side of the path for an iconic effect. Colourful garden pendant lights can be attached to trees or shrubs easily. This makes your patio look much roomier.

Tip 5: Combine with natural materials

Fancy having a mini ‘urban jungle’? Then just add a few plant(s) here and there. Ferns, Swiss cheese plants, or Chinese money plants provide an intense green backdrop. An earthenware jug or coffee mug also looks lovely on your tray. Add or remove items to your liking. Anything is possible, as long as you don’t deviate too far from neutral shades and materials.

Are there just not enough hours in the day to create an eternal Indian summer on your patio?

Maybe you don’t trust your eye for design or you just want to add an easy splash of Ibiza to your patio? Then let one of our sparkling summer packages seduce you. You choose from the Toucan or Flamingo in pistachio green or romantic ‘fairy pink’. Beautiful candles for indoors and outdoors with a citronella scent. Bring on those relaxing summer nights.


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