Fill long winter evenings with light and cosiness

Four winter scents

Can you already smell winter?

You can buy your favourite winter scent in the form of tea lights, elegant three-wick candles and the glasses with 'Let it snow' and 'Warm winter wishes’ print. The packages come in a wintery colour palette of pine green, snow white, festive black and deep red.

Discover our four characteristic scents

Spaas-Pakket-Wintergeuren-Forest-breezeForest breeze

A pure scent, reminiscent of a winter walk between the pines and cedar trees. Bring a bit of outside indoors with this warm emerald green. Find the cosiest place in your house and allow your mind to wander.

Scent: cedar & pine
Colour: emerald


This scent makes you crawl deep under a woolly blanket. Lighten the darkest days with the homely scent of edelweiss and winter wool. The wax of these candles is dazzlingly white, like the first snow that covers the roofs.

Scent: Edelweiss & winter wool
Colour: white

Spaas-Pakket-Wintergeuren-Festive-SpicesFestive spices

Freshly baked winter cookies, that's what this candle smells like. The warm mix of cloves and nutmeg will invigorate you after a long winter walk. Shades of black add a touch of timeless elegance.

Scent: Cloves & nutmeg
Colour: black

Spaas-Pakket-Wintergeuren-Fireside-Warmth​Fireside warmth

Feel the warmth spreading across your crimson cheeks Fiery red represents splendid feasts and a wintery atmosphere. The smell of Kukicha winter tea takes you to a lambswool blanket in front of a crackling fireplace.

Scent: Kukicha winter tea
Colour: wine red


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