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Tealights or waxine lights are an essential element of every living room. Thanks to their simplicity and incomparable ease-of-use, tealights quickly create, in combination with the right tealight holder if you wish, a snugly warm and comfortable atmosphere in your interior.

Tealights are among the simplest and cheapest ways of bringing ambiance into your home. The high quality of Spaas tealights assures you of the right blend of wax and a top-quality wick. These features ensure that Spaas tealights burn with a bright, stable and large flame and can be lit up again later without any problem.

Thanks to their small shape and bright flame, tealights are the perfect candles to light up any time for any situation. Combine a number of candles in a larger area so as pleasantly to light up your living room or create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, for example, or put them in glasses around the bath for a relaxed mood in the bathroom, or place them in coloured jars or one of the Spaas tealight holders to brighten up you party table.

Spaas tealights or waxine lights are obtainable in various burn-times, ranging from 4, 6 and 8-hours tealights all the way to 10 hour models, both as a Maxi Tealight for a more prominent presence in your interior or for use in larger tealight holders, and a small size for all forms of creating atmosphere in your home. Thanks to their long burn-time and high-quality, Spaas tealights are also suitable for all functional purposes, such as use in plate warmers and classic teapots.

Accessories - Tealight holder
Available in transparent and matt

Accessories - Tealight XL Holder
Available in transparent

Accessories - Tealight Lift

Burn time: 4.5 hours
Quantity: 200 pieces per box
Available in white