More light, more colour, more ambience


A Spaas Clearlight emits twice as much light as a regular tea light thanks to the aluminium holder. Allowing you to really boost the feeling of romance and cosiness! And you bet we will light it now that the chilly autumn days are approaching.

Candy, anyone?

Clearlight… the name says it all. This ‘improved’ version of the standard tea light switches its aluminium holder for a transparent one.

The light can really shine in all directions. Bright light radiates through the transparent holder and forms a puddle of light around the candle. You can clearly see how the wax turns into a colourful liquid. Burning Clearlights are like sweet syrupy sweets.

Clearlights come in all colours and fragrances, but you can also buy an odourless version. You can always evoke the right ambience with Clearlights, whether you need to relax, organise a party, or want a hint of romance. There is always a fragrance or colour that perfectly matches your mood. And you can easily mask the smell of cooking dinner.

How about pumpkin-coloured Clearlights with the stimulating fragrance of cinnamon and apple? No doubt these are your warmest buddies to help make it through the autumn!

Spotted at Ben Spaas’ place

The burn time of standard Clearlights is about 4.5 hours, while the large XL Clearlights tea lights burn for up to 10 hours. The latter are the favourite candles of Ben Spaas, our managing director.

Why? They burn for a really long time and the light intensity is lovely. This is because the flames are larger than in regular tea lights. So, you’ll always find the candles lit in the evenings at the Spaas house. Ben and his family's evening is not complete without candlelight.

A box of indulgence

A special evening is on the horizon. You’re looking for a specific fragrance for the bedroom or bathroom. Or you’re looking forward to a cosy bubble bath while the rain patters on the windows. Any excuse is good to treat yourself to a Clearlights box, large or small. Which fragrance best suits your plan? The warm sensation of ‘Wild Orchid’ or ‘White Vanilla Cake’, the sweet fragrance of fresh pastries?

The box includes the stylish glass tea light holders created by the Belgian designer Nedda El-Asmar. The elegant wave in the thick glass makes the clear colours of the Clearlights really stand out.

Clearlights box – small

  • 24 Clearlights
  • burn time: 4,5 hours
  • 2 small Nedda holders
  • from Belgian designer Nedda El-Asmar

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Clearlights box – XL

  • 12 XL Clearlights
  • burn time: 4,5 hours
  • 2 XL Nedda holders
  • from Belgian designer Nedda El-Asmar

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