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In searching for various fragrances to invoke a personal feeling for each user, we created 12 essential fragrances in a variety of scented candles. There is something for everyone, thanks to the range of floral and natural fragrances, and fresh, sweet, and herbal aromas. To make your moment even more personal, each fragrance comes in a variety of scented products:


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Tropical Delight

Tropical Delight is a sweet and fruity fragrance that immediately makes you feel all summery. The tropical fruit aromas bring a wave of energy and inspiration. Dream of summer days with the scent of tropical fruit.

Scent: tropical fruit
Color: true red


White Cake Vanilla

Nothing can make you hurry home like the smell of White Cake Vanilla. This classic vanilla fragrance, combined with a fabulous baking smell, transforms every house into a home. This nostalgic aroma brings back memories of family and being together.

Scent: vanilla
Color: cream


Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Poetic-Mystery-geur-munt-mandarijnMagnolia Blossom

Magnolia blossom is that lovely holiday home, hot days, delicious cocktails, and real relaxation. This fresh floral fragrance creates a sense of true relaxation thanks to its calming qualities. Close your eyes and drift off in a daydream with Magnolia Blossom scented candles.

Scent: Magnolia
Color: rose blush


Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon is like coming home after a wonderful autumn walk. You can smell the autumn colours in the sweet, herbal aroma and will quickly sense the nostalgia, family, and togetherness. Come home to the scent of apple and cinnamon candles.

Scent: apple cinnamon
Color: orange

Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Mist-of-Nostalgia-geur-zeezout-citroenWild Orchid

Wild Orchid is a gentle floral fragrance with calming tones. Perfect for a quiet evening at home. Make things nice and cosy, alone or with someone special… this fragrance will put romance in the air. Enjoy being together and relax to the scent of orchids.

Scent: orchid
Color: aubergine

Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Velvet-Luxury-geur-framboos-lelieMinty Hammam

Minty Hamman is cool and refreshing on hot summer days. The minty aroma is both purifying and invigorating. It is the perfect scent to create some magnificent me time. Imagine you’re at a spa with these hammam scented candles.

Scent: Minty Hammam
Color: emerald green

Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Morning-Breeze-geur-katoenbloesemFairy Waterlily

Fairy Water Lily is a subtle floral fragrance that is sure to remind you of springtime. A perfect and pleasant fragrance to wake you from a winter sleep. A fresh breeze blowing through the house and preparing you for a fresh start. Wake up your inner smile with the scent of water lily.

Scent: Waterlily
Color:  grey blue

Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Sensual-Blush-geur-vanille-mirreBerry Cocktail

There is no scent sweeter than the smell of Berry Cocktail. All the sweet elements of fabulous berries come together in a mixture of sugar-coated pleasure. This fragrance feels warm and is well-suited to autumn days. Warm up your living room with the scent of red berries.

Scent: berry cocktail
Color: wine red

Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Relax-Relieve-geur-bergamottheeSouthern Citrus

Southern Citrus is the fresh breeze that makes your house smell brand-new. It is invigorating, refreshing, and energising. A summery hint of citrus fruits makes you want to get to work. Begin a new day feeling full of energy.

Scent: citrus
Color: autumn yellow

Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Magical-Thoughts-geur-lavendel-chocoladeCotton Blossom

Cotton Blossom is the scent of linen hanging out to dry on a summer’s day, taking in the smell of nature. It feels like coming home. A bright, refreshing fragrance that always feels safe and comforting. Wrap yourself in this fragrance with cotton blossom scented candles.

Scent: cotton blossom
Color: beige


Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Joyful-Excitement-geur-aardbeien-bosvruchtenExotic Wood

Exotic Wood is the scent of steaming tea after a long walk in the woods. You will start to daydream about nature, thanks to its warm, herbal aroma. Relax to the scent of tropical wood.

Scent: tropical wood
Color: taupe

Geurkaarsen-Spaas-Secret-Fantasy-geur-eucalyptus-appelSpiritual Jasmin

You will be transported to the middle of a flower garden with Spiritual Jasmine. Its fresh spring aroma with subtle sweet tones is uplifting and boosts both body and soul. Feel reborn with the gentle floral scent of jasmine.

Scent: jasmine
Color: white


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