The world of Spaas: Cosy moment


Life is full of beautiful moments. Whoever cherishes them increases them and makes them more intense. There are so many, too many, to mention. We at Spaas chose five moments from this and would like to show you how to make these even more intense using candles.

Discover how to create a true ‘Cosy moment’ at home using the tips below.

‘Cosy moment’

Enjoy a moment at home

When the days start to get shorter and colder, people go inside in search of all things cosy. Settle into a cosy sofa and relax with candles in scents and colours that create a sense of peace. 


Scented candles can play a perfect role here: for many people, a pleasant fragrance creates a sense of peace and tranquillity and is even an essential part of a cosy home. Neutral colour tones and warm scents fit in perfectly with this.



Cosy candles

You can create a ‘Cosy moment’ using the following Spaas candles:


But don’t forget…

  • Adapt your use of candles to your interior. If you have a busy interior, choose more ‘natural’ candle holders and colours. If your interior is rather timeless or modern, opt for subtle colour accents in your candles or candle holders. If you prefer a rustic style, carry this through into your candles and candle holders.
  • Replace small candle holders with larger ones. These are trendy and make your interior less ‘busy’. Naturally, you should also choose larger cylinder candles instead of small tea lights for these larger models. It is best for candle holders to be transparent or reflective. Put non-transparent holders on the table, where you can see the flame from above.

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