Feel right at home with these five hygge-friendly items.


If we’re going to be home twice (or three times!) as much, we might as well make it nice and properly cosy. With close to 33,000 posts, #stayinginisthenewgoingout has become an overnight sensation on Instagram.

It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the many advantages of staying at home. For instance, how about stylishly dishevelled hairdos, dinners in front of the fireplace, tracksuit bottoms in every colour of the rainbow, ‘worn’ credit cards, etc.? 


And you guessed it... Even the most picturesque setting includes a scattering of a dozen or so candles. We get that better than most. A crisis calls for candles – lots of them!

1. Bring on the gin and tonics

Spotted in the vast sea of #stayinginisthenewgoingout posts, a kaleidoscope collection of repurposed liquor bottles stood out (courtesy of Sonya Mallet). Give your prettiest gin or whisky bottle a new lease of life by stopping it with a Spaas rustic household candle. If your candle is too wide at the bottom, you can easily whittle it to fit with a blunt knife.

Rustic household candles come in 12 different colours and burn for up to ten hours.

2. Sturdy and solid are a winning team.

Hoping to score top marks on your cosiness factor later? If so, these rustic candles are a must. With their rugged, rough-hewn appearance, they represent the epitome of hygge. These candles shine brightest when combined with natural elements, such as wooden coasters or stone bowls. Even better, they’re dripless and self-extinguishing. Did you know that every rustic candle has its own unique pattern? The Spaas giant rustic pillar candle burns for an impressive 120 hours. Count on long evenings inundated with hygge, hearth, and home.

Strategically punctuate your living space with small clusters of candles in warm autumn tones – warm brown, chestnut, autumn yellow, and wine red. Put more candles wherever you spend the most time. Create a playful effect by interspersing large rustic candles with narrow and small candles. A charming ball candle creates a lovely accent piece. The rhythmic dance of flames has an almost hypnotic effect, helping you unwind and mentally relax.

3: Fragrances full of reminiscence

Scent is an invisible, yet incredibly powerful source of ambience. Scents affect you somehow. For instance, they evoke memories and arouse emotions. Nostalgic, herbal fragrances are hardly a luxury in these tumultuous times. Why not treat yourself to a few gorgeous candles that smell sumptuously of bergamot tea? The subtle scent of blossoms summons memories of lazy Sunday afternoons spent at your grandparents... Can you feel your cares melting away yet?

4: A flourish of green

Why not welcome a large, green houseplant into your home? Banana plants, on occasion, may grow as tall as you, which definitely has its perks. The huge leaves release plenty of moisture into the air, creating a healthy indoor climate. A towering palm or a lush Bird of Paradise plant would also look stunning in your interior. This kind of ‘oversized’ plant isn’t simply a beautiful eye catcher, but also creates more space in your home.

5: Don’t neglect your terrace

Are you the proud owner of a terrace and/or a garden? Do you have a view outdoors from the comfort of your living room or kitchen? If so, be sure to decorate your terrace in autumn garb as well. Some colourful chrysanthemums, a handful of candles in glass jars, and terracotta dishes work wonders.

With Halloween just around the corner, you can add another dimension to your dishes with a spooky sleeve. Many garden centres hand out a free Halloween sleeve on your purchase of a terracotta dish.

Throw in a few extra decorative pumpkins in shades of yellow and orange to complete the picture. That way your terrace will also be ready to go for your first winter barbecue!

Want to bet that pretty soon you won’t want set foot out of your house at all? After all, everything is twice as nice in that cosy cocoon of yours, from kicking back with Netflix to whiling away the time with a game of Scrabble, enjoying a varied selection of aperitifs, and indulging in a romantic dinner, etc. It all becomes so much richer in the warm glow of a sea of candles.

Take good care of yourself and each other!

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