Create your own autumn warmth


Now that the summer is officially over and the days are becoming shorter, we start to feel like snuggling down and getting cosy. Thick, warm jumpers and scarves, a crackling fire while the rain beats down, a steaming mug of tea, and a good book… and, above all, lots of candles!

Autumn is a season when we slow down a little and take time to think about the things we’re grateful for. In the past, natural elements were brought home as a display of thanks for a good harvest. These natural elements and colours are now often rediscovered in lovely autumn decorations.

Warm autumn colours

During the autumn season, we often rely on warm colours to literally add warmth to the home. Just think of colourful leaves during an autumn stroll: red, orange, yellow, and brown. You can’t go wrong with such colours. Be inspired by nature and add some green or purple tints as well.

Natural materials

Once again, natural elements are the main ingredients. Wood is a versatile material and you can hardly go wrong with it. Use rough wooden coasters to group your candles, or try wooden tea light holders. Wood shavings can also provide that extra natural touch.  Be sure to look out for your own accessories: chestnuts, nuts, fir cones, etc. and your setting will soon be complete.

Other natural materials like glass and earthenware are also really appealing in the autumn. Earthenware and porcelain are warm materials and work well with a colourful setting.

The ultimate autumn fragrance: Apple-Cinnamon

You can truly top off the autumn ambience by choosing scented candles. A great choice to get you in a cosy mood is Apple-Cinnamon. A sweet, herbal aroma to make you snuggle under a blanket on the sofa.

Those wanting an irresistible smell of baking in the house are best off with White Cake Vanilla. If you prefer a fabulous woodland fragrance, you will be delighted with the smell of Exotic Wood.

Make time for yourself

Use these moments to create some me time, to take it easy, and have some fun. When temperatures drop, you should be sure to look after both your body and soul. Making sure that your body has enough vitamins and develops some immunity is just as important as mental relaxation.

Our tip for the ultimate me time is to temporarily transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa. Fill your bath with bubble bath or bath oil in your favourite fragrance. Dim the lights and fill the place (safely) with plenty of Minty Hamman scented candles.

This exotic fragrance makes you feel just like you’re on holiday at a spa. Put a glass of wine or mug of herbal tea within reach and play some relaxing music. Sink into in the bubbles and allow all your problems to literally float away…

Tip for relaxing music: click here

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