Winter scents box - large

Winter scents box with the fragrance of Merry Moments
Winter scent - Merry Moments
Winter scent - Crystal Mornings
Winter scent - Winter Glow
30,00 €

Each box contains:

  • 1x 30 scented tealights in a range of three assorted colors (Burntime 4.5h)
  • 1x Scented glass candle with 3 wicks (Burntime 28h)
  • 2x Unscented candle in a beautiful textured glass (Burntime 25h)


Fragrance: Crystal Mornings – Myrr & cardemon
Those mornings where you slide your feet out from under your warm covers and into your slippers. You look out your misty window and see a silky white landscape. Your hands are warmed by a hot cup of fresh coffee, and you enjoy the peace and quiet of this white world before morning truly gets going. Crystal Mornings transports you to these quiet, peaceful, warm winter mornings.

Discover our wonderful winter scents: Crystal Mornings, Merry Moments and Winter Glow. Our smallest package contains 30 scented tealights packed per three assorted colors and the scented candle in glass with 3 wicks. Use the two unscented candles in the glass with a stylish texture to complete the setting.

Technical Specifications

rose blush
2.5 kg