Tips & safety

Using candles to heat? 

Don´t forget the basic safety rules!

As the colder season approaches and energy prices skyrocket, a lot of people are reaching for candles as a heating element. So-called 'tealight ovens' are more popular than ever, but certainly not as innocent as they seem.

That is why the ECMA (European Candle Manufacturers) urges to consult safety rules before getting started with tealights.


Pay attention to the safety rules

To ensure safety while burning our candles, our products feature symbols which show how to use candles safely. Read the packaging carefully.

Before burning


Don't remove the aluminium sticker from the bottom of the candle. This will cause the flame to extinguish on it's own.

Remove the paper before you light the candle.

Trim the wick to about 1cm before you light the candle.

The minimum safe distance between lighted candles is 10cm.

Only use tea lights in holders with sufficient ventilation.

The candles will melt, so use a suitable candle holder.

Always make sure candles are standing vertically.


While burning


Don’t let the candle burn unsupervised.

Do not leave children and pets alone with lighted candles.

Don’t put a lighted candle close to flammable materials.

Don’t put a lighted candle in a draught.

Use a candle holder.

Never put candles near a heat source or in direct sunlight.

Don’t throw the match into the candle wax.

Extinguish the candle before you move it.


After burning


Put out the flame with a candle extinguisher.

Never use a liquid to put the candle out.


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