Summer collection - outdoor

Cosy outside with a candle

Spring and summer are the ideal times for fun garden parties, great barbecues, intimate dinners with friends and family and long evenings spent in the garden or on the terrace. A candle from the Outdoor collection of Spaas is the light ideally suited to such occasions because it will make the mood even warmer thanks to the bright and large flame.

Our Outdoor candles instantly catch the eye because of their trendy and summery pastel colors. They are a terrific addition to the decoration of your party tables, and they also perfectly complement the multi-colored splash of flowers in your garden. Or use the terracotta terrace dishes and wind lights as the perfect and stylish way of lighting up your driveway or garden path when evening falls. The Outdoor collection includes almost all different types of candles from our standard collection, provided with fresh pink, purple, orange or green pastel shades. So you will always find your favorite kind of candle in the right summer color.

What's more, our Outdoor collection includes an extensive range of citronella candles. They are the perfect way of experience a pleasant evening on the terrace or in the garden without letting flies or other insects spoil the pleasure. Like the other candles in the Outdoor collection, our citronella candles are available in almost all sizes and in different colors. Regardless of whether you want tealights with citronella fragrance for your table or delightfully fragrant citronella candles in glass jars or terracotta pots, our Outdoor collection offers an ample choice for all purposes, thus providing a summery addition to all your garden and terrace plans.

Also, remember to bring spring and summer into your home with our Summer collection indoor!

Burn time: 4.5 hours
Quantity: 30 pieces per pack
Available in 4 citronella scents

Burn time: 45 hours
Available in 4 citronella scents

Burn time: 45 hours
Available in 4 citronella scents


Burn time: 24 hours
Available in 2 colours

Burn time: 40 hours
Available in 4 colors

Burn time: 35 hours
Available in 4 colors

Burn Time: 15 hours
Quantity: 4 pieces per pack
Available in ivory

Burn time: 13 hours
Available in ivory

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