Spring collection

Fresh spring colours

Spring brings beautiful days. Many begin to dream of terrace dinners once again, while young families look forward to the spring festivities. Romantics might be up for a high tea party with friends. Whichever moments are important to you, it is our pleasure to provide fresh colours to make these moments even more intense with candles.

You'll find nice spring colours in our bubble glass, the coloured sleeved glass and the rustic spring candles: choose from four fresh colours to give your table a warm, cosy look. Because they are scent-free, they are perfect for dinner-time or during a spring or communion party.



Burn time: 18 hours
Available in 4 colors

Burn time: 18 hours
Available in 4 scents

Burn time: 8 hours
Quantity: 2 pieces per box
Available in 2 variants


Burn time: 24 hours
Available in 2 colours

Burn time: 40 hours
Available in 4 colors

Burn time: 35 hours
Available in 4 colors


Burn time: 60 hours
Available in 4 variants


Burn time: 25 hours
Available in 4 variants