That’s how you celebrate Valentine's Day in 2021

Do you like romantic and dreamy settings? Then be sure that Sunday 14 February is marked as Valentine's Day 2021 on your calendar. It’s the best excuse to indulge in a flood of candles or creamy chocolate bonbons.

It’s unfortunate that this year you cannot book a table at your favourite restaurant. But not to worry because #stayinginisthenewgoingout.

The meaning of Valentine’s Day

Why are florists so busy on 14 February? Valentine’s Day was once a Christian holiday that honoured Saint Valentine. He brought couples together and performed marriages. And, there are also hints of odd love traditions. The mystery surrounding Saint Valentine led the Vatican to celebrate the religious holiday.

Valentine’s Day decorations

You can relax more easily in a cosy nook. And turn on some music to quickly get you into a festive mood. And that’s easy to do with one of the Spotify playlists, ‘Feel good dinner’, ‘Jazzy Dinner’ or ‘Romantic Accordion’.

And when you say romantic, you automatically think of dancing candle flames. Place sets of rustic candles of different sizes at strategic points throughout your room. A long thin 70/190 mm candle goes really well with a medium sized 70/130 mm candle and a small 70/80 mm candle. You can achieve a subtle elegance with natural shades, such as beige, ivory, and white. Or, radiate pure passion with a mix of pure red, light red, and old red.

Points of light

Add dozens of white odourless Clearlights and enjoy your sea of lights. You can watch them slowly melt thanks to the transparent container. Place them in glass containers or on coasters to achieve the ideal effect. It’s best to choose neutral-coloured candles to prevent colours clashing.

A touch of sensuality

Want a tantalising scent in your home? ‘Sensual blush’ will remind you of your first date. Consider an oriental scent, such as myrrh and sandalwood with a seductive touch of vanilla. You can buy these scents in the form of Clearlights, large scented candles, and fragrance sticks. You will find these under scented candles in our webshop.

Want to do even more? Ava has a colourful assortment of Valentine’s Day decorations including heart-shaped confetti, streamers, ribbons, printed balloons, and even more.

A Valentine’s Day gift for him

It’s said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And this is often an understatement. So, an edible gift is always a great idea. Set the table with red napkins and rustic table candles and serve up a favourite dish. Or treat him to his favourite takeaway meal.

Pure romance: enjoy eating together with a sushi dish or a plate of spaghetti meatballs à la ‘Lady and the Tramp’. Adding cod to your Valentine's Day’s menu is also a winner. Read up on this ‘romance fish’ and learn how to prepare it at

Many restaurants will now deliver a hearty Valentine's Day breakfast to your door. What do you bet he will enjoy such a romantic gesture?

If you'd rather give him a gift, go for a romantic version of a ‘safe’ gift. For instance, you can get a romantic tea, heart-shaped chocolate, ‘I heart you socks’, or a heart-warming T-shirt.

The choice is yours! Make it an enchanting romantic party…

Psst… We also have a Valentine's Day gift for you. Read about it now: "We say it with a (free) candle"

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