Treat your home to an Easter outfit



Totally transform your breakfast table for an Easter breakfast with these simple tips & tricks.

Tip 1: Choose bright pastel colours

It may sound controversial, bright and pastel, but do read on. Pastel colours will bring peace and simplicity to the table keeping some calm among the chaos. The contrasting bright and fresh colours will then be striking and stand out beautifully. This allows you to focus more on the things you wish to highlight.

Combine both to create a calm but cheerful Easter breakfast table guaranteed to put an end to any early morning moods!

Tip 2: Always choose fresh flowers

Real fresh flowers and best of all from your own garden. There’s nothing nicer. They are simple to replant and add a really wonderful feel to the table. The most common Easter flower is the ever-cheerful daffodil, which is also known in Dutch as the Easter flower. These usually begin flowering some time before Easter and are therefore the perfect flower for your Easter table. Their yellow colour is typical and can be reflected on your table with candles or other decorative items.

Tip 3: Go for creative eggs

There is a great tradition of buying coloured Easter eggs or painting eggs yourself in all kinds of fun and colourful patterns. However, there are also lots of other things you can do with eggs. We wrapped a serviette around and tied it with a bow. This made the serviette look a little like rabbit ears. All in the Easter spirit. Other ways to be creative with eggs. Another idea is to pop a tealight into an empty egg shell or egg cup. Have a go!

Tip 4: Choose original candle holders

Candle holders are really popular right now. You can buy them in almost every home-decoration store or you can make them yourself. We glued old egg shells together to make an original and handmade candle holder. In the top egg shell we melted a little wax in which to fix our Festilux. However, you can also cut polystyrene into an appropriate shape to keep the candle upright. Do ensure that the candle is properly upright or it will start dripping.

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