Today we celebrate all women

Exactly 109 years ago, 8 March was named ‘International Women’s Day’. At the time, 100 men and women from no less than 17 countries were fighting for women’s equality all over the world. Their main goals were women’s suffrage and better working conditions. Meanwhile, all over the world millions of people join the movement for more women's rights every year.

What exactly does International Women’s Day stand for?

In the early years, it was mainly a day of protests. And even last year, hundreds of thousands of Spanish women held a one-day strike. Spain was upside down!

This year, the aim is to show that the (unpaid) work of all women keeps the world turning. The slogan captures it perfectly: “If women stopped, the world would stop turning.” We can proudly announce that this year, Belgium is hosting its very first International Women’s Day. What an honour!

Differences? Which differences?

I can hear you thinking... Which differences are there between men and women nowadays? Well, take a look at the government, for example. It has always been made up mostly of men, and for the most part it still is to this day. And while we cannot deny that great progress has been made since 1910, we cannot yet claim equality.

Athletes are not all considered equal. A professional Belgian female footballer cannot yet earn a living through her sport. And on top of that, the pay gap is still very marked. On average, a woman earns 20 per cent less than a man. Yes, even with the same degree and relevant experience.

How is Spaas joining the initiative?

At Spaas Candles, women are dear to our hearts! We want all women to know we are right behind them when they are asking for that well-deserved promotion or pay rise. Or when they don’t feel like washing the dishes although everyone expects them to do it. That’s why we are giving away a gift pack every Monday in March. So definitely keep an eye on our Facebook page and who knows, maybe you will soon have your very own gift pack delivered at your door. 


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