Three wintery scents to warm up your home


The wintery temperatures gradually taking over outside mean it’s time to make it even cosier inside. This will be a piece of cake with the three Spaas wintery scents! A specific scent will suit every room in your home to invisibly add ambience. Discover all three and some interior styling tips below.

Which scent suits your style the best?

The countryside with Crystal Mornings

We consciously went for antique pink combined with refined metallic grey for rustic interiors. The wintery combination of myrrh and cardamom will quickly transport you to these quiet, peaceful, warm winter mornings.

You should opt for a base of white and antique pink when decorating to match the scent of ‘Crystal Mornings’. Add some roughly hewn wood underneath or - when using a tablecloth - roughly hewn wooden dishes and/or wooden candleholders. Then finish off your pretty picture with small accessories or silver, off-white, or bronze geometric stars.

Crystal Mornings

Those mornings where you slide your feet out from under your warm covers and into your slippers. You look out your misty window and see a silky white landscape. Your hands are warmed by a hot cup of fresh coffee, and you enjoy the peace and quiet of this white world before morning truly gets going. Crystal Mornings transports you to these quiet, peaceful, warm winter mornings.

Merry Moments with the Industrial Inn style

The minimalistic industrial look is more popular than ever, but cold, bare concrete is being replaced with untreated wood surfaces with increasing frequency. Spaas has opted for a saturated emerald green with white as the main colours, complemented with matte black accents. The Merry Moments scent treats you to a refreshing and richly exotic lavender fragrance that quickly fills the room with a charming ambience.

Pick a tablecloth with emerald green and white as the base colours. Look for ‘worn’ materials for your accessories, cast-iron cutlery, and copper/brass candleholders. The wiry geometric figurines in copper/matte black are still very on trend right now, as are white porcelain or milky white dishes and glasses.

Merry Moments

You come inside, out of the cold. A warm glow envelopes you and you quickly wrap yourself up in a quilt. The fire crackles in the hearth, stilling your busy thoughts. The laughter of friends and family surrounds you, bringing a smile to your lips. You are filled with gratitude at this moment. Merry Moments celebrates the special moments in life.

Winter Glow for a Modern City style

Things in the city can all be a little more chic and luxurious. Winter Glow is a posh wintery scent based on patchouli and cedar. Black is the foundation, with festive burgundy and gold accents. It is a heavier style, but still very lush.

The base for your decorations can be marble or dark glass. The plates are black, with golden placemats for an elegant accent. Burgundy or deep reds will add an extra chic, festive touch. Opt for accessories in tinted anthracite or burgundy-coloured glasswork with shiny gold accents.


Winter Glow

Fresh snow crunches beneath your feet. You inhale the cold evening air deep into your lungs and blink the snowflakes from your lashes. You look up to see countless lights twinkling in the trees. The dark night is lit with a warm glow, candle flames stretch towards the heavens, and the illuminated branches sway in a gentle dance with the wind. You stop in your tracks. For just a moment, the cold can’t touch you. Winter Glow awaken daydreams of life’s magic moments.

Snowmen, reindeer, and Santa

Sometimes, you don’t always have to be super trendy. The colder months also represent ‘fun’, which is why you can always opt for some fun accents.

The new D-lights are now available; these are tealights with character! There is a colourful design on every tealight that melts down with the candle. You can opt for one of two playful designs this winter: reindeer or Santa. It is perfectly safe to burn these because the design is printed on a layer of aluminium. You can also pick out some matching, unscented candles in glass holders printed with a cute Santa or snowman.

Lastly, paper bags with a charming Christmas message on them make for a wonderful welcome, both inside and outside of the front door. The bags are treated with a special, fire-retardant spray so that they don’t catch fire. It’s the perfect way to welcome your guests in style.

En quête d'un cadeau original ?

Nos couleurs et senteurs hivernales vous inspirent ? Vous êtes à la recherche d'un joli cadeau qui exhale les fragrances chaleureuses de l'hiver ? Ne manquez pas de découvrir nos coffrets cadeaux dans notre boutique en ligne !

Le petit coffret cadeau comprend un verre orné d'un message inspirant afin que la bougie s'intègre dans la maison bien longtemps encore après la Noël. Le grand coffret comporte la bougie à trois mèches : une vraie bougie cadeau au pourcentage de parfum élevé. Pour parfaire l'ensemble, vous trouverez également dans ces deux coffrets 30 bougies chauffe-plat parfumées et notre beau verre non parfumé, joliment structuré.

Looking for a unique gift?

Have you been inspired by our wintery scents and colours? Are you looking for a meaningful gift with warm, wintery scents? Then be sure to check out our gift packs in the webshop!

The small gift box contains a little glass holder with an inspirational quote on it so that the candle can still be used long after Christmas. The big gift box contains a three-wick candle, a true candle gift with a stronger perfume. To complete the setting, you’ll also find 30 scented tealights in both boxes, as well as our lovely, unscented, uniquely shaped glass candleholder.

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