Three different looks for a truly sparkling party

It suddenly starts getting pitch black at 4:30 in the afternoon. And then the first lights start to peep out cautiously… 
Yes, the silent nights of the December holidays are drawing ever closer… 

The brand-new winter collection offers you everything to turn your party into a truly festive event. 

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The Spaas winter collection

The popular Spaas rustic candles are now available with extra sparkle to ring in the new year. Time to party in metallics! 

Would you prefer bronze, pearl, or intense pink this year? 

Whichever look you choose, you can also buy your favourite winter candles separately in the e-shop this year. Or as a delightful, cosy candle gift

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1. Opulent bronze

The end of the year is all about indulging. And deep bronze shades should suit the occasion just fine. Spice up your end-of-year table with shiny bronze rustic candles.

Contrast a beautifully thick bronze candle with its narrower, more elegant cousin for a fun effect. Finish off with shiny glasses in a more intense bronze shade and the result is perfection itself! When are the guests arriving?

2. Soft, mellow pearl

Pearl enchants like a fresh carpet of snow. Dress your holiday table in elegance and enchant your guests with the soft radiance of rustic candles.

A cute little snow-white candle casts a warm glow in a modest, unpretentious way. Can you feel the magic of Christmas?

Festive set – Shimmering pearl

A candle gift for someone who could use a little extra sparkle – or why not simply indulge yourself!


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3. Soft salmon pink

This little pink candle makes every event so lively and cheerful. It makes for a radiant spectacle on the holiday table. Add an extra dose of pink power with beautiful metallic rustic candles in intense pink.

The choice is up to you: would you rather have a nice thick candle or its somewhat slender cousin? Or both because together they form the perfect pair!

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