September in three scents

September means enjoying the last days of summer to the full, while excitement rushes through your veins at the changes just around the corner. It means making the most of those last barbecues and walking through nature at its most abundant. September is three scents in a row.

It goes without saying that these are scents from the ‘Moments of Life’ collection by Spaas. An eclectic collection of distinctive scents that bring back vivid memories.pen.

A fresh start

Sometimes, September can take you completely by surprise. It’s a feeling we really rather like! ‘Secret fantasy’ feels like a pleasant tingle running up your spine. Allow yourself to be taken back by the cool aroma of green apple and eucalyptus. Jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood add depth and intensity to this scent.

Choose normal or XL Spaas Clearlights in this scent or go for a luxurious scented candle with a lid. This scent is also available in a sleek and modular glass candle or as a Shade scented glass candle, a unique scented candle that creates elegant shadows. This scented candle range is available in most AVA stores and in selected garden centres.

Perfectly ripe pears

‘Heart warmings’ is a full-bodied scent that brings back daydreams about the heigt of summer. The smell is redolent of perfectly ripe summer fruits: sweet pears begging to be devoured and the warm sensation of wild figs. This scent is available in soft-coloured scented tealights in matching hues, Clearlights and various scented candles.

‘Heart warmings’ is available in AVA stores and in selected garden centres. Alternatively, simply visit our online store where it’s available as a small or medium gift set.

Sweet like summer

‘Joyful excitement’ is brimming with expectation. It’s the irresistible scent of red fruits that are just waiting to be picked. Juicy strawberries and forest fruits, with a hint of summertime fun. Allow yourself to dream just a little longer about summer dresses, brightly coloured sorbets and paddling your feet in the stream. If you wish those hazy days of summer would never end, our online store is the perfect place to be.

These sultry scented candles are available in a small or medium gift set.

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