Say it with a candle


Would you like to tell someone something special, but don’t know how to say it exactly? Then create your unique, simple message with our matte patterned candles: select from 10 models and combine them with each other to create the right message. Plus, these burn for no less than 25 hours, which means you can have more fun for longer. You can easily reuse the glasses later by burning tealights in them.

Lacking inspiration for your message? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Happy  Birthday

Is your birthday coming up or do you know someone who you’d like to give an extra special treat to on their birthday? The ‘Happy’ and ‘Birthday’ candles let you create a much more original message than the traditional birthday card.

You can combine these perfectly with scented candles, rustic candles, or even some tealights in a set to complete your gift.

Home Sweet Home

A must-have for anyone wanting to turn their house into a home. That empty spot on the coffee table, on the mantlepiece, or on the window sill is easy to fill with three fabulous candles: Home Sweet Home.

Thank You

Simple, but no less meaningful. Would you like to tell someone a special thank you, but don’t know how to say it exactly? Then say it with the ‘Thank you’ candles. You can combine these in a set with some wonderfully scented candles to make your gift even more personal.

You & Me = ♥

Would you like to surprise your loved one, on a special day or maybe just because? The heart on the candles will immediately get your message across. If your message still isn’t quite clear enough, we suggest going even bigger with: ‘You & Me = ♥’.

Now, it’s up to you

Still haven’t been able to come up with a fun message using our candles? Let us know what message is still missing and you might just find your suggestion on our shop shelves soon… 

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