Looking for inspiration and ideas for your spring party?


There is nothing more pleasant and enjoyable than spending the first summer evenings in the garden with family, friends and some snacks. But if you want to make your spring party an unforgettable day for your family and friends, this involves a variety of things. Here we offer you some ideas and tips for organising your spring party! 

Garden Party Decor

Spring is knocking at our doors again and the sun is shining more brightly than ever. In short: it's time for spring parties! Before you start decorating the table and preparing the snacks, it is worthwhile to spend a few minutes thinking about how you will decorate the garden. After all, a cosy garden decor is a must for a successful spring party! Discover below a few creative tips for creating an attractive decor in your garden.

Maison jars 

Jars are always a great idea for setting the mood and adding to the ambience in your garden. Place some candles inside the jars and adorn them further to create an enchanting effect. Keep them on window sills, on the table or hang them in the trees or on your garden fence with strings. This is guaranteed to create a lovely effect during the garden party.

Welcome bags

Use Spaas welcome bags to light up paths and terraces at twilight. These paper bags come with fun designs and light up the evening with a soft glow, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in the garden.

Old lamps or bottles filled with flowers

At a spring party, you sit outside amidst nature. Bring a natural touch to the decoration of your garden and table. Recycle empty glass bottles or lamps and transform them into unique flower vases. Cut some branches, leaves and flowers and arrange them in these original vases. Hang these bottles on trees, branches, garden fences, etc. Use a variety of colours and types of flowers to give your spring party a cheerful, festive decor.

Drinks and ice cart

A cart filled with ice and drinks is a smart and efficient way for keeping the drinks cold, without having to go to the kitchen each time someone wants a drink. This is a fun and original way of serving drinks and guests can choose their favourite drink from the cart right away.

Tented camp for children 

Are you expecting many children at the spring party? If so, make sure that there is a separate play area available for the children. For example, create a tented camp using old blankets and set up a separate table where the children can eat, drink and draw. Decorate everything further with the colourful streamers and balloons. Also make sure to provide for a few exciting games and toys.

Table Decoration

The table decoration should radiate charm and appeal, adding to the atmosphere and helping to get your guests in the right mood. In addition to the delicious feast laid out on the table, it is important to create a feast for the eyes as well. Find out, with the help of our simple tips, how to make your table into a real showpiece! 

Tip: it is best to place the children together on a separate table, so that the adults can enjoy their dinner while the kids have fun together.

Outdoor candles

A spring party is, of course, incomplete without a few candles. Candles bring warmth and create ambience. Place a variety of beautiful outdoor candles (rustic, glass candles, dinner candles) on the table. Spaas offers a range of colours in its assortment so that you can come up with any combination you desire. There is something for everyone! 

Place cards

To make the spring party just that extra bit more special and to make your guests feel even more welcome, consider using these delightful name cards. This is also an easy and efficient way of placing everybody at the dinner table. 

Dinner Tips

Naturally, organising such a spring party involves a lot of time and the necessary preparation. If the budget allows it, a catering company can be hired. But if you want to prepare a nice menu for your guests all by yourself, we have some (delicious) tips for you!

Buffet style

Organising and preparing a spring party is a lot of work. This is why it is convenient to set up a buffet line, leaving you free to enjoy the party. Guests can easily help themselves to all the delicious food on offer, without you having to go back and forth between the garden and the kitchen the whole time.

Mini fire pit

In the evening after dinner, make it even cosier at the table by converting your old terracotta pots into a mini campfire pit, around which you can sit with your family and friends roasting marshmallows, sausages, etc.

Healthy snack

Of course, a refreshing fruit salad or a fruit snack is also part of many a spring party. Make it even more appealing by serving the fruit in large ice-cream cones. Decorate the sides of the fruit cones with whipped cream and let your guests enjoy this simple but tasty fruit snack served in an original way. 

Another fun tip: use the remaining fruit to make an ice lolly. Deliciously refreshing in warm weather and healthy as well!

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