Five tips for a beautifully lit garden party!

Yes! Summer’s almost here again. And there is only one way to celebrate this, with a fantastic garden party. Whether you are considering a small get-together, a barbecue or a themed party, an original lighting scheme always adds tons of atmosphere.

1. Go with the flow

Do you have a small pond or a swimming-pool? Actually even an iron bucket is sufficient. Use it. Place several summer flowers in it, like daisies, poppies or sunflowers. Then add some floating candles in between the flowers. This will create a very upbeat and magical effect! Even more fun: You can also use the bucket as a cooler for your beers!

2. Hanging around the summer tree

Why don’t you hang some candles in the tree? Do you have a pretty tree in your garden, a balcony or another type of balustrade? Then why not hang a candle from it? There are several different options. Use old jam jars and some wire to make a handle. Tie up your candles with a sturdy rope or ribbon.  Hang them at different heights for a unique and laidback effect.

3. Bottle up with household candles

Summertime traditionally means a lot of empty bottles. A glass of wine with friends, a beer to relax. So why not use them? Pop a household candle into the bottle and remove the label. Tada! Your very own, authentic candleholder. Make sure to maintain a 10-cm distance between candles or they will start to bend over. Do you prefer something stronger? A Jack Daniels bottle or a Hendrick’s gin bottle will lend your table a bolder look.

4. Light up an apple

You can decorate your table cheaply and naturally with some fruit! Take an apple and cut out the shape of a tea light. Pop in a tea light and there you go! A brilliant tip for an original green twist to your table!

5. Walk the magic line

If you really want to jazz things up, how about lighting up a path? It’s a great way of directing your guests to the party via this enchanting path. They won’t easily forget this fairytale experience!

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